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43 - when the Sunday service was introduced in 1991 it ran between Muswell Hill and Liverpool Street via Shoreditch until 19:30, then Moorgate via City Road.

From January 1998 the 43 reached London Bridge on Sundays via Liverpool Street during market hours and Moorgate at other times.

The Sunday version didn't match the weekday route until 7th November 2004.

I'll let you know if there is anything else I spot.
I've ignored Sunday-only route tweaks.
Holborn Viaduct is now shown as City Thameslink on the blind.
51 - peak hour journeys to Green Street Green withdrawn August 1989.

Changes to the route in Woolwich in 1991, 1994, 2009 & 2010 come under your tweak category.
I've ignored peak-hour-only tweaks too.
73 - Cut back to starting from Stoke Newington, but don't know date

dg writes: 2011
47 - September 1999 changed to run via Surrey Quays Road instead of Lower Road direct for the Jubilee Line extension.

The endless roadworks in the City of London and London Bridge leaves a mess of temporary changes, but the 'best bit' of the 47 weaving under the arches at London Bridge has been lost.
The change introduced to the 11 earlier this year means that it now terminates at Waterloo Station.

dg writes: updated, thanks.
9- the diversion via Pall Mall didn't last long, so the route today is back to the original route.

dg writes: 2012-2019
59 - was extended from Euston to Kings Cross for some years, providing a direct route from Waterloo.
In 2003 the 57's northern terminus was still Streatham Hill. The extension to Clapham Park happened in 2007.

(The change in 1991 from Telford Avenue to Atkins Road was a relatively minor one resulting from a change of operator and therefore depot)
The 87 runs from Aldwych to Wandsworth.

dg writes: It didn't in September 2003.
I've checked the rest, I think this is correct, some you probably already know about by now.

17 - via London Bridge since April 1993 thanks to 'the ring of steel'. London Bridge served weekends from August 2002.

24 - night service from April 2004, N24 renumbered. The Pimlico end has been modified since 1912.

30 - swapped stands with the 26 in December 2013, plus the changes to road layouts have accumulated over the years.

34 - weekend night service added August 2016, then suspended March 2020.

35 - night service added April 2016

36 - night service replaced the N36 in February 2008.

38 - the Crossrail diversion at Tottenham Court Road lasted 10 years, 2010-2020 (also applies to 19 and 24).

39 - Southfields route standardised September 1998, Clapham Junction terminus changed September 2002.

41 - unchanged yes, but significant changes to road layouts at Archway (2016), Tottenham (2013) plus Tottenham Hale bus station (2014 & 2020).

52 - all-night service served Ladbroke Grove Sainsbury's from February 2013.

54 - Elmers End interchange opened in February 2011.

57 - night service added June 2007. Sunday service extended to Streatham Hill in September 1994.

58 - it did gain and lose a night service.

60 - the extension to the new bus station in Streatham in January 2012 was beyond a tweak, especially as you've included the 49 change.

61 - that diversion due to the weak bridge did last a while 2009-2013. The Sunday only extension to Chislehurst was withdrawn January 1991.

65 - you forgot about the 2009-2018 night service which was numbered 65 because of I guess human error.

89 - the remaining journeys to New Cross and school journeys to Bexley Station were withdrawn in February 2000. It has also had significant tweaks thanks to the pedestrianisation of Bexleyheath in 1991 and the completely new road layout in Lewisham introduced in August 2016.

92 - there was a tweak in July 2022 via Berkely Avenue and Greenford Road.

94 - Mon-Fri early journeys starting from East Acton withdrawn January 1998 and Shepherds Bush - Victoria in November 2000.
david - The 73s terminus was Stoke Newington until 2004, when it was extended to Seven Sisters because artics couldn't turn round at Stoke Newington. Returned to the traditional terminus when the artics went in 2011.
The N25 has a longer, albeit interrupted, history. It previously existed from 1995 until 2004. TfL have gone back and forth on whether the night service precisely matches the 25 day service with periods of 24 hour service and periods of variant routes.
46 - the most recent change is the cutback from Lancaster Gate to Paddington in 2021.

55 - the 2003 terminus was Leyton (Bakers Arms) not Whipps Cross. It was the N55 that ran through to Whipps Cross at that time.

dg writes: both updated, thanks.

timbo - the 57 terminus hasn't changed since 1992. All that's changed is the description of the terminus on the blinds!
44 - This bus starts/terminates at Tooting rail station, not Tooting Broadway tube station. I'm not sure if that's a new thing, or if it's just a typo in the 2003 map.

(It matches the 77 nowadays in terms of the endpoint in Tooting.)

dg writes: updated, thanks.
The 57 terminus started being described as Clapham Park during the summer of 2007.
The terminus for route 98 was Holborn, Red Lion Square in 2003, and still is today. For two years, 2014 - 16, it ran to Russell Square instead.
The 4 cut to Blackfriars was one of the more recent Central London cuts -- 2019 and not 2005.

dg writes: course it was. Updated, thanks.

Would be a few more changes had you chosen to compare with a date prior to the big changes in 2002-2003 linked with a sizeable expansion of bus network mileage -- some of it partly linked to the introduction of the CC zone.

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