please empty your brain below

How much sponsorship did Visa splash out on this venture? Great advert. Good job their name wasn't 'Mastercard' or they'd only have got one repetition...

Visa isn't a Credit Card company either. They are a Payment Systems Provider - subtle but important difference.

There seemed to be a similarly inexperienced audience at the gynnastics test event at the O2, although a scattering of people who understood what they were watching and some very partisan groups applauding anything their national teams did. The public address and visual displays did not make it easy to follow what was going on, particularly as there would be four or five groups doing their rotations at the same time.

What was the building like to be in? Do the temporary "wings" work?

Im going along on Thursday evening and I am looking forward to it very much.

I went on Monday and was similarly intrigued by the towels - it all looks a bit untidy, maybe they will have 'towel boys/girls' at the real thing?
@Andrew - after visiting the (fantastic) velodrome on Friday, I was a little disappointed with the building. Zaha Hadid's bit is probably great but very difficult to see what with the 'wings' and all the advertising placards, video screens etc. internally. They had to do something about the capacity but I think it will look a lot better after the Olympics when de-Winged and de-Visaed.

Won't they have to scrub all that advertising off the bottom of the pool before the Olympics? The IOC has very strict rules about that sort of thing - although, judging by half of all adverts anywhere on the Tube at the moment, nobody's yet told CBS Outdoor.

Also, what would you take more than one camera for?

Excellent. It's write up's like this that will succeed in getting me excited about the Olympics, when I've never particularly been so before.

I have noticed that people who are serious about taking first-class photos always carry more than one camera. There must be a good reason.

I went last night. I thought inside it looked fantastic , and you generally will get a great view whereever you sit ( though unable to test that from the very back of the side pods 'in the gods' as not yet complete).
I actually found the seats uncomfortable - unlike those at the velodrome. It was also unbearably hot. We couldn't hear what the roving reporter was saying at all - though probably not a bad thing in itself.
Glad I went and will be interesting to see what the swimming is like next week.

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