please empty your brain below

A toilet block? A pavilion of some kind? And I think you're standing on the bank of a waterway...
Looking forward to a bit more E3-ish history, DG.

Is it No-where? No-rbury? No-rthholt? No-rth ealing? No-tting Hill? No-rthwood? No-rth Harrow? Clapham No-rth? CaNOnsbury?

Or Yeseicter Square?

Is it Olympic related?

Local parks and green spaces?

My thought was the same as Tim B - parks and green spaces. Especially as you are hoping the rain holds off...

Was it really a year ago since you told us about High Street 2012? How time flies!

Is it the rec?

I always look forward to this month of posts. It reminds me I really should post some of the local history information I've dug out recently.

The Lee (and/or Lea) River valley/canal
avigation perchance?

Is it really one year since you did High Street 2012? Scary.

Top marks to Simon!
(and toppish marks to Eskimo Pie!)

Wiv a ladder an some glasses, you can see the 'ackney marshes, if it wasn't for the 'ouses in between...

Psychogeographic analysis? You are Iain Sinclair AICMFP!

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