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You almost hint at suggesting that TfL decided that this critical roundabout was too difficult to sort out before the Olympics and just hoped everything would be OK until then. They could then sort it out afterwards. I can find such a misguided idea entirely plausible.

In one of your links Boris is washing his hands of being involved but he is involved. It is his policy of keeping the traffic flowing that has indirectly lead to this. This policy was inflicted on TfL and is written into the Mayor's Transport Policy. TfL have no choice but to follow this. They don't consult him on each individual issue because that is what the policy guidelines are for.

I hate to get political but I find this policy of keeping the traffic moving abhorrent and full of insidious consequences that are not good for London but do go down well with voters in Boris's outer London heartland.

What a lovely vigil/demonstration for those poor people. I can't help but wonder if it would have had the same urgent impact if it wasn't on the Olympic route though.

Thank you dg for your as always informative and articulate account. We were pleased, indeed overwhelmed, by the turnout. We'll be keeping on plugging away until this roundabout is safe for cyclists and pedestrians to use.

Wondered if you would be there, must have missed you.

The only thing that is really needed is to make whoever conceives these "cycle facilities" to use them, once. Everything is a balance, a compromise, but too many decisions appear to have been decided in favour of cars because Boris is in thrall to the motoring lobby. Whether it is shorter crossing times, sub standard cycle facilities, abolition of the 4x4 congestion charge.

When Boris was asked in the London Assembly a fortnight ago about the half-arsed way that CS2 peters out in the middle of the roundabout, he turned to TfL's Peter Hendy and asked "this is the thing Robin's blocking, isn't it?"
Newham's decision to not do anything about their cycling infrastructures till after the Olympics can surely not be helping here, and really need to be dragged into the argument ASAP.

I'm really not trying to sound smug or clever when I say that this is the BARCLAYS Cycle Superhighway CS2.

I can't help feeling that if sponsors see their name associated with something awful, maybe something will happen. And, yes, it is abhorrent that bad publicity for a high street bank might speak louder than human tragedy.

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