please empty your brain below

Well deserved.
Shortest. Blog. Entry. EVER!
Geoff: cf July 19th, 2005
been reading the blog for 6 years every day so now I'll comment for the first time ever - you deserve to take the full week off- see you back next Wednesday!
Thanks fo prompting me to go back to look, Dominic. July 2005 was an interesting month.
I can't help but fill that the most obvious thing to do is for us commenters to WRITE the post instead, we all do one small paragraph on a topic and see if can write a post as a collective.

Someone want to pick a subject and write the opening couple of lines?
I had a dream last night ................................
A week off work... Of course.
A week off blogging... Impossible!
Just wrap yourself in the bedclothes and hibernate. You deserve the rest.😊
Thanks, I really enjoyed this post (and was prompted to find out whatever happened to Smoke).
Get well soon

...............oh; I thought you said you had a wee cough.
Enjoy your week, DG. Looking forward to reading what you get up to!
Geoff and Dominic: Arguably the shortest blog post was on Tuesday 30th January 2007.
Fuck work. And fuck working. We're not slaves
What bliss! DG in real time.
1430: For the next bit, I have to surrender my phone.

I think DG has been mugged!
I had a dream last night (actually early this morning) and I dreamt of some future where our phones monitored/harassed and controlled so much of our individual lives it was impossible to 'unhook' - even letting the battery run down set off an alarm with Big Brother. Woke up and realised it was now!
Yes B - it is now

I plan to be the last person not to own a mobile phone but they are making it increasingly difficult...

[I would add to your horror-scenario that breathing fresh air will one day require online payments...]
^ The "breathing fresh air" does require payment. As one has to travel quite far to find it. London air is somewhat far from "fresh".
D'oh! Palace of Westminster. Of course! (... and there was me thinking you might've taken a visit to the public gallery of a court (eg. Southwark Crown Court), to see the British justice system at work (eg. the trial of Gary Glitter))
We had a short break in London this week. A combination of great food and interesting sights. BBC tour, St Paul's and The Wallace Collection. Dinner at Claridges and The Ritz and breakfast at The Woolsley

The Wallace collection is fantastic and very extensive and is free entry. The view from the top of St Paul's was well worth the climb and no barrier blocking the view, much better value than the Shard. BBC was interesting and good if you have an interest in broadcasting.
2 hours on the train sure beats a 7/8 hour economy flight.

Can highly recommend all the eateries if you like top notch traditional style dining.
I won a competition when in school to go round Parliament on a tour and to go into the public galleries of both houses. Highly recommend it.

I want to climb up to Big Ben next time I am down.
That's some stamina you've got there DG!
@ Mart

Work in itself is not a bad thing... what is matters is not to overdo it, be under-valued or dislike what one does. Just as important is a "living wage" and affordable housing (whatever that means). Plus the support and help for those (many) who through not fault of their own end up unemployed or unable to "make ends meet".
Thank you for writing during your temporary retirement DG. Lovely blog. And thanks for that stunning view from Greenwich Park - what a fabulous cloudscape and Londonscape composition. Please may I use it as my screensaver? I was up in Middle Temple and Covent Garden today after the rain, enjoying my retirement. All gas lamps lit in M. Temple.
The Landscape Photography exhibition at Waterloo has been extended to 28 Feb 2015.

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