please empty your brain below

For the 'Real' Olympic Games see here No need to book months in advance and no sponsorship deals. Surely all much nearer to the Olympic ideal!

1 in 8 of the UK Population is probably about right for anybody who wants to see the games in person. Also there's no mention of price yet...That will probably be the rationing method used.

i wasn't quite sure of the relevance of my DOB in the sign-up process. All a bit suspicious...

For what it's worth I e-mailed [email protected] to complain in my best green ink about the excessive information that they are collecting.

'tis silly and certainly not data protection best practice.

woohoo... i have a visa!!!

do i get a medal?!?

Oddly enough I'm sure I had a mailing from my bank a few months ago saying that they were changing my next debit card to a Visa Delta whether I wanted one or not... Wonder if that's even more stealth Olympics marketing?

Based on other Olympics, you will have no trouble getting tickets to most events apart from the opening and closing ceremonies.

Its just not that interesting.

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