please empty your brain below

I ticked the right box, but with “ Tory members will want an air of competence and confidence after Boris.” I couldn’t have been more wrong! 🤦‍♂️
I’m enjoying the fact that some of these comments - we don’t yet know which - are going to look utterly deluded later.
I'm rubbish at these guessing games!!
Just as well I'm not a gambler!
My long shot guess last year - Someone else as Hunt may have a chance, as the "I wasn't there for any of Covid" candidate - turned out to be more accurate than I expected. He didn't become PM, but came out of nowhere to be Chancellor
The speed at which national and world events are happening I wouldn't try to guess even six months ahead.
Basking in the glory of being a successful random predicting octopus (I had completely forgotten about it).
Little publicised are next years parliamentary boundary changes. As one example, Rhys-Mogg will have most of the Tory voters expunged from his constituency.
I agree with Kev - the boundary changes will be highly significant. This will impact famous MPs, individual constituencies, regions and the overall landscape.
I mean, I was also somewhat right with saying the following under Liz Truss:

> I don't think Rishi could get the support, and I don't think Boris will last next year.
I think the economy recovering slightly by two years time, by natural processes and the end of the Ukraine war, and hence the energy price issues, plus an eventual plaster-over of the NI Protocol issues, and the huge Tory-backing media, and the voter ID, will result in the Tories not being so far behind as the polls are currently.

Ironically, this will allow the SNP to call the shots as they'll have the seats. So a Scottish independence referendum will be coming in 2026, if this occurs.

However, I'm sure there are a lot more things that the Tories will screw up, and there is a huge amount of anger still, and that may just give Labour the edge, and a small majority overall.

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