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It doesn't have to be very hot and sticky to be a 'proper summer'. That long hot spell from June until August was, frankly, unpleasant for many people. Fine for lying on the beach and doing nothing maybe, but try doing anything, even just walking, and the sweat starts to roll off.

A nice temperature is 21 degrees, 70 Fahrenheit. Shirt sleeves weather but not sticky.
Thanks for the interesting summary.

On "hot and sticky", the humidity makes a significant difference. A high temperature with relatively low humidity is much easier to bear.
Have to agree about that summer. Didn't really enjoy it.
Yes I love NW3weather as well. I'm near enough that it's pretty accurate for me. Thankfully I was out of London during most of the hottest spell as anything over 25 degrees and I'm melting.
I work near the NW3weather station and refer to it a lot. There are certain weather conditions when the temperature reflects very localised conditions on the Heath, which can be a degree or two cooler than down the hill in Kentish Town, especially just after sunset.

I like it hot, so enjoyed a vintage year. The most memorable event was the lightning storm in May. Clip in link.
I absolutely loved the hot weather this year. Give me heatwaves over Beasts from the East any day!

Quite the opposite of many hot sunny days energise me and I feel so much more active - but only because the humidity was very low for most of the hottest days. That makes a huge difference, especially for a lady of a certain age!
I lived in the Mountain West of America for the first decade of the century where it was generally 35C-40C from June-Sept but also with low humidity, so this summer was perfect for me.
My lily-white skin actually got a slight tan this year!!!!!

I'll be happy for another Super Summer, but with a bit more rain during the hours of darkness please, as some plants in my garden still haven't completely recovered, and probably never will now!
4 days in May were thunderous. I might remember experiencing one. Thank Goodness I was in a hotel safe and sound.
I'm always annoyed when reviews of the year take place before the year has actually ended. To say fog has been absent this year excludes the foggy day this week for example.
...glad to get away from the "oven" that was London in the Summer. the air is polluted, the heat/humidity exhausting and many citizens seem to suffer from "heat-rage".
Fantastic distillation of facts, thank you.

I love all this 'climate change' and will have it as hot as possible please.
On "hot and sticky", I've found that once the temperature crosses 28-29 degrees in London it tends to be fairly dry. I think it's the case that weather patterns that bring that sort of temperature to southern England are dry ones. 35C in London is a *lot* more tolerable than in my city of birth, Toronto, where 35 tends to occur with 80% humidity. (though it's more variable than London - it can be hot and dry) The days in London where I hate summer are the cooler, but really damp ones. 20C, but high humidity so you sweat and it *doesn't* evaporate. So horrid and sticky.

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