please empty your brain below

Planned to visit some years back from Bramley station but decided it was too complicated so didn't. Now I don't have a car either. Did once visit Cliveden via their advertised walk from Bourne End station and got a discount off lunch as a thankyou. Pity they don't offer similar schemes at their other places as I reckon NT is all about countryside.
You missed the thing my daughter was most impressed by. A bug hotel made from recycled wood called Buggingham Pallets.
I like the story of the wonderful stained glass in the chapel: originally installed at the much older Holy Ghost Chapel in Basingstoke (where the Sandys were buried), possibly removed by a Sandys in the Civil War for safety and hidden in the house's fishponds and rediscovered/retrieved around the 1680s.
"has the mobility of an 85 year old"
Not thinking of anyone in particular are you?
The local historical dance group has performed at both the Vyne and Basing house, but not recently as the current curators don't have appetite or budget for that sort of thing anymore.
I have had discounts at some NT properties' cafe's for walking there - despite, in one case in Devon, getting their floor so muddy we made extra work for them.
The difficulty of walking to rural NT properties may be sustained by a vicious circle. They don’t provide convenient walking approaches because practically no-one arrives on foot. And why don't they? Because convenient approaches are not provided!

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