please empty your brain below

Can we all play?

I've just scratched my nose and eaten a slice of pizza and stroked the dog. Anyone else?

At least point 3 makes the vaguely sociable list!

PLEASE tell me that Mr Grant had fine wine in his bags.

Looked like clothes to me, sorry.

I just spent some time attempting a rather clever puzzle.
I failed utterly to guess any, but as is the usual for cryptic clues, get them totally with the benefit of the answer.

Damn. Found out.

Sounds like you made a visit to Richmond as part of your plan to visit all the boroughs?

I had the misfortune to serve Mr Grant in a friends shop once.. well, I say serve him but every stage of the transaction went via the lady with him. Very very bizarre!

Yay! Did you go to Eel Pie island?

Alas I was on the wrong side of the river to get to Eel Pie Island.

Maybe I'll save going there until "Richmond" comes out of my jamjar.

Bore us! Bore us!

It's those details of your adventures that we love.

Come hang out with me in the states.

We can cross the Rio Grande and take a road trip to California.

You know you wanna...


You walked past my house (on Eel Pie Island). You should have popped in for a cup of tea.

of course he was on the wrong side of the Thames for Eel Pie Island - DG never knowingly goes south of the Thames!

But you get to Eel Pie Island from the north of the Thames, he WAS on the south ... and in the Telegraph today the London Property supplement had a special on Bow.

Wow that's clever - it linked itself to the paper!

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