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As instructed - who I think, not who I want…
Boris has proved to be a great survivor so I think we will hang on
And Cliff Richard will top the charts.
Johnson still has more 'voter appeal' than the others and is driven by personal ambition, so I think he will hang on
Unfortunately - the guy's like teflon
Boris Johnson, regrettably, given the incumbent's cult of personality.
The party will keep the straw-haired egomaniac sociopath in place until the end of the pandemic is visible on the horizon.
Boris will get the shove from the men in grey suits at some convenient point. If the party gate scandals, and if Labour maintain a sustained lead in polls, it might be sooner rather than later, but I think closer to the next election (May 2024), say sometime in the second half of 2022 would be more likely, barring some Boris recovery once the pandemic really has become endemic.

(Sunak a plausible contender when that does happen)
Agree with comments above, Johnson will probably manage to cling on for another year.
May was a dead man walking for over a year so I suspect the same will be true of Johnson. The mills of God grind slowly, etc.
The Public & Politicians are fickle creatures, blown about in the wind of opinion in the media, so all Boris needs to do is either keep his head down until it all blows over or better still, have something good happen and he'll be everyone's darling again - until next time.
That's not to say he won't be replaced when a general election looms though.
Was going to say Teflon Johnson but Jonnus beat me a long time ago.
Definitely what I think rather than what I want!
It always seems incredible to me how many people think he is wonderful!
I still remember reading multiple articles a few years ago from "pundits", saying "don't worry" a man of his character/morality/organisation could never become prime minister!!!
Boris - who wants to take over during the current mess?, will he survive until the next election given the size of the rebellion over restrictions?
I hope I'm wrong.
Provided he gets a haircut.
An unflushable turd of a prime minister
The twin factors of "who would want to take over right now?" and Johnson's ability to ride out any scandal means that when the pandemic conditions feel right for a takeover it will simultaneously be the time Boris rises up in the polls again.

Eg you don't want to take over when it's shit but when it is not shit, you won't be able to take over.

To conclude: Boris.
Boris, sadly.
Many people seem to thrive on social media lies, so Boris it shall be.
BJ because there's no obvious replacement and no prompt for a coup a la Thatcher/May.

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