please empty your brain below

I think that this is impossible. My reasoning...

You have to start from Enfield and finish at Sutton, or vice versa, or these cells become dead ends. However whichever route you take, you eventually end up creating a dead end.

Maybe not enough coffee yet but Kingston...
I'm hoping the 9am update contains a clarification or strong clue...
@zin92 My last strategy was to focus on the interpretation of the question but that still didn't seem to help much.
yea kingston is the loose one, doubt it can be done staying within the bounds of the 33
I think the answer is no, you always end up with one borough that is not visited, but I think you'll need some graph theory to prove it. Perhaps redrawing and looking for an Euler path.
I hope diagonal is allowed, eg Brn enf hgy.
No dead ends then.
I'm always hopeless at these but now it seems it can't be done I'm happy because I successfully visited all but Stn! Yay me!
Just to note that a reply in another place says it is a Hamiltonian path not an Eulerian path. Based on those Wikipedia links, that looks right.

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