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We took a German friend (the 161 Bus was blue at the time) there and she was completely underwhelmed. Not a reaction we had predicted. A stronghold of himalayan ring-necked parakeets as well as ring-tailed lemurs.

I gather you thought it was OK then?

The photo of the old style telephone, brought back many memories back.

Totally agree this place really has the Wow Factor.

It good to see you visiting a place of my childhood. As always with your blog you keep me in touch with my much cherished London, even though I haven't lived there for more years than I like to think of. The strange part about living so close to the treasure of Eltham Place is you never ever get to go. Maybe being a youth and having other interests kept me away, but I am sure the art deco would have hit the spot then as it does now. Thanks for sharing your insights and visit.

Wow! Indeed.

I'm glad you mentioned the lemur... I'm inspired to return.

You have not mentioned that Eltham Palace was, for many years until it was subsumed, as Educational and Training Services (ETS) into the Adjutant General's Corps of the Army, the HQ of the Royal Army Education Corps (RAEC).

The palace was also the scene of a terrorist bomb attack in the 1970s, while it was being used by the military.

As seen on many a TV show set in the 1930s. Poirot in particular.

Another place on the list to go and peruse sometime...

Thanks also for also reminding me about Hendon, went on Saturday.

And got bloody soaked.

Still, that's Bank Holidays for you.

I think I am right in saying this was not the place of the IRA attack in the 70's ,
That was the outbuilding in Court road about a mile away, opposite the Royal Blackheath Golf Club.

Also if only half a day to visit then the other half may be used by visiting the Bob Hope theatre only 100 yards away.

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