please empty your brain below

I did a visit on the last day of operation back in 1994 and will probably never go down there again, certainly not at the prices being charged for these two open weekends.

Great report as ever DG.
Very interesting...on the Tube map pictured on Flikr the Northern Line Northern Heights planned extension is shown.
Bushey Heath, Alexandra Palace, Mill Hill the Hale. Always worth a viewing...

I agree that £20 seems steep for the visit - but that price does include entry to the London Transport Museum.

If, like me, you've not been there for several decades then the inclusion of that (normally priced at £13.50), makes the £6.50 difference for going into Aldwych seem more reasonable!

I'll come to the defence of LTM here, it's not them that lay down the 'no SLR' cameras rule, but LU/TfL who obviously still control and maintain the station. And one of LU's ridiculous rules is that point and shoot cameras are ok because if you have one of those you're just a happy snappy tourist, but an SLR means you're a professional and you're going to use any photos taken for devious purposes. The fact that most point and shoots now (and even an iPhone4 camera) takes high quality photos seem to have escaped them. LU that is, not LTM.

Ooh, that spiral staircase brings back memories of when I worked for BBC World Service at Bush House.

Well, go on then - now you know, so complete the list!

That's Art Nouveau, not Art Deco. Art Deco didn't come in until the 20s, long after Aldwych opened and Leslie Green died - its most famous practitioner was Charles Holden, who worked on the extensions, not the original lines.

I managed to get into the ticket hall of Aldwych in July last year, while they were doing an exhibition on the future of the tube. Alas, I wasn't allowed down onto the platforms, but nonetheless it did feel slightly odd being in a tube station which one can't normally get into, and from which one can no longer catch a train.

yeah that's true, the price was not too bad considering that you can go to the museum in Covent Garden and you get 10% discount in the shop.

A visit to Aldwych has been on my to do list for some years now. This only reminds me to get a bloody move on. :-D

Thanks for that You Tube link Bernie. It would have run right along the end of the garden, where I grew up - now the nature reserve!

I was there on Saturday for the 13.30 tour - how have you managed to get so many pictures with no-one in them?

It was great, and I went to the Museum after, and spent a (small) amount of money in the shop and claimed my discount. The shop girl then scrawled "Discount Claimed" in thick red marker, right across my entry ticket! I am gutted!

Oh, and here are my photos, which are nowhere near as good as yours, although I am very proud of the one down the passageway....

thanks for the insight, bit gutted I didn't get a ticket in time as it will probably be the only chance to see an abandoned station..

Nice report, thanks.

Regents Park station also has those attractive flourishes above the lifts, as well as two parallel access tunnels/stairs, the reason for which I can't imagine. No doubt someone who reads this will know....?

CornishCockney,thank you.
For some strange reason I have always been fascinated by disused railway lines and stations...just put on my anorak.
Before the war my Mother used to catch the train to school at Mill Hill the Hale to Stroud Green on the old LNER line from Finsbury Park to Edgware. I remember her saying she had to change at Finchley Central and run quickly across the footbridge to reach the connecting train in time.
Steam trains on what are now Underground lines...Another age.
In 2005 I walked the line from Mill Hill East to Edgware...fascinating stuff! A complete mix of strangers, all talking and very friendly, a great time was had by all. Here is a report of the walk.

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