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Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the top Olympics articles you've produced over the last few years. Particularly the ticket recommendations - the only tickets I got were for hockey, which I went for only after your tip off about having a better chance of getting them.

Had a great day out yesterday (despite the rain). Was amazed by all the volunteers and the Forces and their spirit. Oddly, one of my ticketed seats did not exist, which apparently has happened a bit, but I was helped to find a spare few seats elsewhere.

All the background info you provided, especially the impact on the surrounding area, made the day all the more fascinating.

Can't wait for the remaining Olympic and future legacy coverage.
And your tip about the Greenway gate being good for ticket collection worked fine. I bought tickets yesterday and collected them today - total time at the booth 5 minutes with a very friendly member of staff. Olympics on Thursday and athletics at the Paralympics in Sept.
LOCOG please note: Diamond Geezer deserves a handful of free tickets to his chosen event in recognition of the time and trouble he has taken compiling his invaluable advice to the travelling public.


LOCOG... you should invite DG along to a corporate schmooze evening, and invite him to blog about it... :)

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