please empty your brain below

There's nothing quite like a nice Moorish bust.

Glad you enjoyed Lambeth Palace. Turned up a little after 10am and was told we'd be waiting at least 2 hours, maybe 3, so got back on the train to try somewhere else. Seems turning up early was the best bet!

Aha, our paths almost crossed. I climbed up the booth tower too today. Have a go at St Anne's, Soho tomorrow if you've never done it before. That's my best ever Open House experience. The Royal Institution is a-mazing. Farrell and co have done a wonderful job. Just hope it can attract the audience it deserves.

Alas on Sunday St Anne's reverts to its proper usage and isn't open to thrill-seeking ladder climbers.

I was at Marlborough House yesterday! And the Foreign Office!

I was also at Marlborough House yesterday - it was such wonderful weather to lounge about on the lawn afterwards.

I am impressed you got to see four places though - I only managed the Linnean Society (marvellous library) and Marlborough House - I did try to get on the HQS Wellington but alas the queue... I then had a look at the queue for 120 Fleet street, and decided to go and wander around Temple instead, and pretend I was a barrister.

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