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The tallest buildings in London outside of the "central area" (Zone 1/2) are both in Croydon and are both 24 stories high.

How about this one - apparently 24 of the 84 churches that were burnt down in the Great Fire of London were never rebuilt.

dg writes: According to Wikipedia, 32.

(Source: A Handbook for London, Past and Present. Peter Cunningham. Published by John Murray 1849.)

And there must be lots of restaurants, shops, chemists etc open 24 hours a day - is London a true 24 hour city?

dg writes: just a reminder - no measurements

Just checked on the chemist - as far as I can tell London claims to have the first 24 hour chemist in the UK: Zafash Pharmacy on Old Brompton Road first went 24 hour back in 1994. Not sure if it's still the only one in London or even the UK though.

Ollie, the three tower blocks in Edmonton Green (zone 4) stand at 25 storeys each! I think there are a couple of others dotted around the suburbs as well, but they don't spring to mind at the moment.

Ah, apologies, I think I missed the main point.

Googling "there are 24 * in london" reveals 24 NHS walk-in centres, 24 casinos and 24 operational boatyards in London!

dg writes: According to the NHS Choices search page, there are 20 Walk-in Centres in London.

There was a really rubbish film called 24 Hours In London.

Don't have any other 24s but (as I'm sure you already know) the City of London is split up into 25 wards.

bliss chemists in kilburn has been 24 hour for ages and ages

12 + 12 is 24

Boots in Piccadilly Circus was 24 hours in the 1930's

I think this has been mentioned before, but what about the fake houses at 23-24 Leinster Gardens that disguise an opening in the District and Metropolitan Line tube tunnel between Paddington and Bayswater?

There are 24 above ground platforms at King's Cross St Pancras.


There are 24 private bus companies that run TfL contracted bus services in Greater London.

The total is arrived at by counting the different bits of Arriva as separate firms as well as London Central and London General as being separate.

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