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13: Gort FM.

I’m thinking it must be John Vereker, sixth Viscount Gort, 1886-1946. He was the general in charge of the BEF in 1940 when it evacuated from Dunkirk. Won a VC in 1918. He had previously been chief of the imperial general staff. Replaced by John Dill, I think, who was in turn replaced by Alan Brooke, a man more deserving of this honour than Gort.
29 pics, because one is duplicated (9 and 13, either side of the dome pics). Thanks for the report, will keep it in mind for next year!

dg writes: fixed, thanks.
20. You can enter the shop and cafe from outside through the door in the NW corner of the cathdral, facing Temple Bar

dg writes: dilemma resolved, thanks.
Should the next freebie date be Sat 9 Nov 2024? The 10th is a Sunday

dg writes: Sorry, I made the mistake of believing the Lord Mayor's Show website, not checking the calendar. Fixed, thanks.
Thank you. It's many years since I was in St Paul's - the last tine as a helper at the 2005 London bombings commemoration service. I must visit again.

My 2024 diary tells me that 10 November is a Sunday. Should the next freebie visiting day be Saturday 9 November 2024?
When did "Comment" become "Spotted an error?". Is that a Blogspot thing or a Diamond Geezer thing?
There are also memorials plaques to both Dill and Alanbrooke in the St Paul's crypt. (And indeed Ironside, as befits all the WWII CIGS. But I think they are all buried elsewhere.)
Alanbrooke also has a statue on Whitehall, which Gort certainly does not.
10. "conception" is for me more than hinted at by the interlocking shapes on the side shown in the linked pic on the St Paul's website.
I did.

Florence Nightingale’s ‘family tomb’s’?
As a now retired (this year) Volunteer Guide at St. Paul’s I found today’s blog very interesting. These Comments could be added to your text.

1. The font is made of Carerra Marble and the top is stored in the Triforium. Font also known irreverently as the 'Bird Bath' as made by Francis Bird.
8. Quire- Visitors can enter the Quire on one of the guided tours run throughout the day (not Sunday). The optional tours are included in the price of entry.
10. Look again very carefully at 'Mother and Child' by Sir Henry Moore to see conception!
13. Nelson. He has three coffins- first made from the mast of a captured French ship, second made of lead and third of mahogany.
17. Artists' Corner at St Paul’s (next to Wren's tomb) Poets' Corner at Westminster Abbey.
The Whispering Gallery works fine. Make sure you have no doorways or wall-breaks between you and the person you're talking/listening to. Yes, an awful lot of steps, done with far younger legs...

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