please empty your brain below

Thanks that’s a really good tip - well worth taking advantage of
Gosh, yes, I remember when we would walk to Hampton Court (from Sunbury) and wander around the gardens free. Now and then I would 'treat myself' and pay the 3d (a whole 12-sided thrup’nny bit) to go into the maze. Thank you for taking me back there.
Thanks for the heads-up. We fly into Heathrow on the 8th so have pencilled in a visit on the 9th.
4th to the 9th July is a long period of free entry, will make a note of that, thanks
The July dates are the same ones as the Hampton Court Garden Festival, so not sure how many of the main gardens would be on view. I have tickets for the show but now planning to back for the next free days after that.Thanks for the tip!
The Tiltyard Cafe is also behind the paywall, which must be affecting its commercial viability - were the contractors consulted?
21 May was the Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon, 21 Nov is the Hampton Court 10K.

And yes, 6-9 July overlaps the Hampton Court Garden Festival and the Hampton Court Festival (evening performances by Gladys Knight, Soft Cell, Grace Jones and Kool & The Gang).

So beware, your free trip to the gardens might be busier or more restricted than usual.
16th-17th September might be better then...

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