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Couple of things about the Thames Tunnel: firstly, as DG notes, it is the oldest tunnel on the whole network, having opened in 1843 - thus predating the Metropolitan line by twenty years. Secondly, it was opened as a foot tunnel. After that proved to be a loss maker, it was converted to a railway tunnel in 1869. What I can never quite get my head round is how the Brunels managed to build something originally meant for pedestrians to the dimenesions necessary to take a steam locomotive travelling in each direction. I take my (stove pipe) hat off to them for the foresight shown!

Anyway, my trivia tidbit: there is a bit of Underground infrastructure that predates the ELL Tunnel by quite a distance. At the eastern end of Tower Hill's westbound through platform, a little bit of London's Roman wall has been incorporated into the station wall. This would almost be impressive if it were not for the fact that you can step outside the station and see another surviving section of the wall as tall as a house!

Would the Jubilee not still connect with every other line (just one fewer)?

Yes Jameso, it would, but it wouldn't be the only line to do so any more.

The proposal to run some of the Silverlink Watford to Euston trains to Clapham Junction instead of Euston sounds good. It took me 2 hours to get from Kenton to Richmond this week using Silverlink!.
I think Silverlink have a strike on this Friday with no North London line service!

dg writes: John - I'm storing the rest of your comment away for two weeks time

is it just me being old and cynical but why do we need to have 'MAYOR OF LONDON' prominently on this map? Tfl, yes , but Mayor... why?

New Cross and New Cross Gate - are these in Lewisham so that means 7 boroughs will no longer have underground service?

Will there ben a rules update for Mornington Crescent? These changes present fundamental changes to the balance of the game.

You can see the new version of the tube map with the extra lines on the hoardings at East London Line development sites, such as Shoreditch High St.

I thought it looked ok - not too congested really (don't forget the North London Line is already featured, albeit almost invisibly!)

Steve - because it's run by the Mayor of London?

Wasn't already there a 'london overground'? South West Trains ran it as part of their off-peak suburban services, where there was a train at least every 15 minutes. Anyone else remember that? They had a 'LO' logo and everything...

A whopping lobster … yum yum

Geofftech: Yes, I remember, South Eastern trains had one or two London Overground branded lines too. I do actually use one on a semi-regular basis so will look out to see if the signage still exists, or if Ken's made them chuck it all out to avoid confusion

So far you've only updated statement d)
(where, yes, six becomes seven).

Any thoughts on the other four statements?

b) would then have to be along the original part of the Hammersmith & City between Paddington and Farringdon?

Everyone seems to think that Hackney does not have a tube station. But surely most if not all of Manor House's entrances are in Hackney Borough??? And perhaps all the subterranean bit. Not particularly useful for Mare Street or Clapton Pond, but true nevertheless.

Geofftech: It was called "Overground Network", but seems to have been quietly knocked on the head in favour of promoting the whole lot (ever since those "high frequency services in London" maps appeared). The results of it were new signs and TfL cash for a few extra trains, mostly through Greenwich and Woolwich, in the evening. Its website has only recently been taken down.

Felix - shows the foolishness of statistics based on borough boundaries, like the one about there being no cinema in the borough of Lewisham (but there's a few pretty close to it).

According to a talk given by Innes Ferguson of TFL at the London Transport Museum on 24 September 2007 the Overground Network scheme is now "dead", the logo is no longer being used on Train Operating Companies' (TOCs) publicity material nor is the network being promoted by TFL. He added that whilst TFL funded the installation of Overground Network "on" signage at appropriate National Rail stations, it is being left to individial TOCs to remove these at their own expense, hence the many that remain in situ as of October 2007.

John - 'fraid you're wrong about direct trains from the Watford line to Clapham Junction as you'll still need to change at Willesden Junction. Such a direct journey is physically impossible with the current infrastructure. You could of course instead try the Southern direct service from Harrow & Wealdstone to Clapham Junction (plat 17) and change there to Richmond line trains (plats 5&6) - timed right, it should take you no more than 45 minutes.

IGMC (well, my anorak actually...)

I don't think that TfL is currently planning to run LO trains from Watford to Clapham - but Southern already does (the former Rugby to Brighton, now Watford to Brighton trains), which makes me think it probably isn't impossible...

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