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When you are retired like me, holidays really don't mean the same as they used to. Christmas and New year are however the exception, meals with far flung family, plus more to drink than normal.

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year DG.

I always liked working the quiet time around Christmas and between Christmas and New Year. Empty trains, empty offices, time to get on with your own job instead of having to do someone else's ... bliss.

Not as much bliss as having given up work altogether though!

Wow! Dreams that somehow manifest as a blog. I suppose the danger is you might lose control and find something from your subconcious has manifested itself in the public domain.

Like you, the regular contributors here seem to be 'off work'.. either that or they are raiding Woolies..

"Wow! Dreams that somehow manifest as a blog. "

Have you invented a twitter like technology? "slumber" maybe?

I'm with disgruntled - lovely quiet office, quiet trains: not being at work now is a waste of annual leave!

That's all right, you enjoy yourself, DG. You work so hard for the rest of the year that you deserve your break.

When you're a work-at-home freelancer it's very difficult to tell the difference between holidays and not.

And what makes it even more confusing is when the entire city is shut down from 7 inches of snow. Then the propsect of cabin-fever in addition to working at home sets in.

So it's a good thing to be working online then... since people need to work or else they'll go nutters, in my experience.

Possibly you're a TV announcer,

I am actually!

And that's the first time I've ever seen anyone remember us having to work at Christmas - although to be fair we're doing the same as the rest of you and watching Christmas telly.

Cheers DG!

But what about us TV engineers?

I work in the accounting section of a large company. We have to work because it's the end of the year, and the accountants understandably want us lot to finish playing with the numbers so they can look at them and make graphs.

I wish we had our end of year in June.

Where is AndrewH?

I'm here!

With regards to this post, I haven't quite got the fortnight off. Somehow, I wish I did, as I could do with a bit of a rest. At least I get some time off though. As DG says, some people have to carry on working even on Christmas Day. Indeed, some people actually enjoy working through Christmas. Personally though, I'd far rather spend Christmas at home.

Well I will be working tomorrow, and next week, cos I'm a temp, and if I don't work, I don't get paid. But I don't care cos I'm off to New Zealand for 5 weeks in January, but of course will be taking the laptop so I can read DG (and geofftech of course)

Or maybe you're a freelancer who has had to work to crazy deadlines over the past two weeks so that the salaried can enjoy their 10-14 days off without worrying about an unfinished project ready to bite them in the backside when they return. And the freelancers wonder why they do what they do, now that they have an involuntary unpaid two-week break. Not bitter or anything (honestly...I'm used to it)....just adding another variant to your list!
Merry Christmas DG and thanks for the entertainment over the year

I'm in radio so will be doing a breakfast show Xmas morning - which means sacrificing getting too merry on Xmas Eve. Looking forward to it though to be honest, and at least I get the afternoon for a slap up dinner and Doctor Who!

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