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Im assuming the old Victorian house were for the working class back in the day.... why/when did it become so 'grand' to live in one of these houses.... or has it always been like that?
The link to Bow Quarter isn’t working. I’d love to read more about it as always wondered about the development when walking/cycling/driving past!

dg writes: superfluous slash deleted, thanks.
In partial answer to Bruce Wayne I got bored in the first lockdown and started using census data to research my East London Victorian Street. There are over 50 houses in my street - some built as early as 1860 while pretty much the complete street is ready for the 1871 census. Lots of skilled tradespeople, mechanics, clerks, school teachers, shopkeepers and the like in the censuses for 1871,81,91 and 1901,11,21 and the 1939 register. I wish I knew how people felt about moving in - was it a step up or down, for example?
Is it that rare for a London sign to acknowledge a B-road? The B361 seems to be named at every junction.
The B361 is not generally signed.
The B361 is signed on every main road meeting it.. following it around its various bends is unsigned though.
I have actually been out and checked, and it's not "every" main road.
A piece of un-necessary pedantry... Bow Garage was yes previously a trolleybus depot, but before that it began life as a tram depot. Before that it was Grove Hall.

This doesn't detract from loving these B-roads sagas, introducing loads of "I didn't know that..." Thanks (again).
I'm many of the homes in your immediate neighborhood are infill where the Germans left some gaps?
Steven, you make a good point. A future post about bomb sites?
Proposing crowd-funding for the 143.
Departing Stratford, towards Liverpool St., there used to be a factory type building with a very large (enamelled?) sign that appeared to be fixed to the building, about halfway up wall. On it was "3 miles to London" (or something similar). I always thought that the building was the B&M factory. One day, I suddenly realised that the sign was no longer there.

It's a long time ago, and it may well be that the sign was actually on BR property in front of the building.
Seeing the sign was a reminder to start getting everything together ready for the arrival at Liverpool St. after being settled from Norwich or, better, on a through train from Yarmouth.

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