please empty your brain below

"the large glass information screens on the main wall were filled in by staff writing backwards from behind with chinagraph pencils"

How utterly British!
And we were protected by people like Stanislas Petrov (sp?) who refused to believe what his equipment was telling him -- the US was launching a nuclear attack on Russia.

He reckoned it was a computer glitch and he was right!

Never underestimate the importance of a non-electronic storage of information - the ultimate failsafe! Radars may fail, radios are taken out of service by electromagnetic pulses from nuclear explosions, but chinagraphed information will still be available.

The US Navy still controls the setup on thire carrier's flight decks using pieces of wood for the planes, and various nuts and bolts denoting fule/wepons status for this reason too.
It’s an eclectic post like this that makes this blog such an absorbing and interesting daily read. Why or how would anyone discover the whereabouts of the previously secret radar station – it would hardly be on anyone’s radar would it (excuse the pun)? But it’s also what DG leaves out of a post that’s just as interesting – as a non-driver, how did DG arrive; did he walk from Hoveton & Wroxham rail station or did he manage to catch a local bus service and walk the final part of the route or taxi from the station? Or did he arrive by car, driven by his father? And DG, did you manage a session on the Jaguar fighter flight simulator?
The Jaguar simulator was being swarmed over by a family of five children, one of whom seemed very interested in it, and the other four of whom were too young and just wanted to be photographed with it.

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