please empty your brain below


Although worryingly I seem to be about 15-20 years ahead of my real age

Good gravy! I found this whole post unbearably sad...

I think you missed the 'Our pension plans have gone down the tube so we've decided to buy a little property in Outer Mongolia' scenario.

evil. but probably spot on.

40-49: You've been spying on me, haven't you?

So true, and so fucking depressing.

Yes, I read 30-39 and emitted a loud but hollow laugh. Very true. Very fucking true. Brilliant post, DG. But, you know, er, thank you for depressing me for the entire weekend to come.

Can I top myself now please?

What about us poor sods who lost their house in a divorce, and now really do live in a 9th floor flat with their children's step-dad! Lovely view though, and at least the kids won't have to pay any Inheritance Tax.

All of the mentioned reasons that we often browse housing abroad!

Logan's Run concept is looking attrative even though I would already have the flashing red light.

Thats it. I'm off to Australia- do they still offer £10 tickets?

No, the baby boomer generation bought all the £10 tickets, and will sell them back to you for £20,000.

Grouting. How I hate it!

Just rent - bugger the kids!

Bugger the kids?! That'll get you four walls with bars on the windows!

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