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Looks like prunus cerasifera, aka cherry plum, it often starts flowering in February. Good for pollinators.
Typical Trainline distortion of the truth
Ah, the joys of random kerning.
You’re not alone DG, we love you! ❤️
I tried Shakeshack in the USA last year and though the ordering system was the same as you say, they quality of the food was outstanding. Sad to hear that hasn’t survived the journey across the Atlantic.
You do not necessarily need to live alone to be confined mainly to inner dialogue.
This post excludes those who don't have an inner monologue, they do exist and wonder how people who do have an inner monologue cope with a voice in your head all the time.
Sometimes, people have the inner monologue constantly on external speaker so living alone can have its plus sides!
The flowering cherry trees are not early but the variety Winter Flowering Cherry (Prunus Subhirtella) which flowers through late autumn from November to March.
Many cherry trees are flowering early all over London, honest, even varieties that don't normally. Also magnolia.
Oh, we need more of this, please!
That pottery used to be the original ticket office until they built the monstrosity on the other side of the station on the westbound platform
Speaking from personal experience, as I have no other, it's a good job that many of one's inner thoughts and musings in relation to others don't escape from the inner mind!
STOP. Quite please.
If what goes on round here is anything to go by, there will be a variety of factors behind how often resurfacing will be necessary.

The quality of the mix is one factor; it seems in general to be getting worse. The less well-sealed the surface, the sooner the road will break up and need to be re-surfaced.

The other main factor relates to previous excavations, usually for utilities. Contractors are notorious for poor re-instatement, leading the road surface to crack and sink in defined areas within the next five years or so.

Things like this form a large part of my internal dialogue...
This sounds like me, even more so as I both live on my own and work from home.

My Dad died last month and I've really noticed a change with my Mum who is now sharing a lot more about her day than she ever used to. I guess it's all things she would have previously told my Dad over the course of the day.
The warmth and aromas that emanate from a pile of fresh tarmac are heavenly on a freezing cold day!
Share your liking for the smell of bitumen. Remember being fascinated in my childhood by big open-backed lorries with vast (to me) tubs of boiling tarmac and roaring gas burners, operated by the magnificently-named Limmer & Trinidad Lake Asphalt Company. The smell wafted for yards around. (Up there for “exotic” naming also with United Carlo Gatti, who delivered huge blocks of ice.)
I wish my partner would mute his inner monologue, especially when we're both working from home!
I swear he has a motion detector as he shuts up if I leave the room!!
I expect you would be impossible to live with. I say this in the kindness of manner. You do rather interest and amuse me.
The strange thing is I don't really have an internal monologue. I can say/hear things in my head if i really want to, but there's no running audio commentary of all my thoughts, they just happen silently. Quite peaceful really
Everyone will know what you mean by retarmacking but it might not be a proper word. The word normally used is resurfacing. Tarmac is trading name of an asphalt supplier (and not the biggest) and competitors avoid the word.
However, tarmacking does appear in Collins dictionary so perhaps it it also OK to prefix it with re.
‘A further change occurred in 2008 when Transport for London removed the serif from the numeral '1' and also altered the '4', in both cases reverting them to their original appearance.’
Wikipedia on the Johnston typeface.
He comes all the way to Brockley and doesn't so much as wave. Hmph.
I must confess I was sceptical about the early spring claims, until I noticed in the afternoon that my potted tulips are in bud - which did not happen last year until 2nd April.
Londonist have finally republished their annual "Generally, April is cherry blossom month in London" article, a fortnight later than would have been appropriate.

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