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Regarding your Open House posts I am sure they are very time consuming to write but this is one of my favourite of your regular topics and I enjoy reading about and seeing photos of properties normally inaccessible to the public. So I hope you won't be put off!

dg writes: See Wed 20
12. The workings of Flickr's Explore baffle me - I had around 20 photos make explore between 2005 and 2009, then nothing (despite still posting plenty, I use Flickr as an online backup) until June this year when I got one in... I suspect you having 10 time my followers is something to do with it.

In the best Flickr tradition - congratulations on Explore!
24 - disagree, it shows how ever larger organizations usurp and absorb smaller entities, crisps were produced locally because they were fragile, improved transportation and packaging changed that, BBC local radio started in the 60s, that community and culture no longer exists.
23 - thank goodness! This was dumbed down, mainstream and predictable output.

17 + 30 - the policing of our comments on your blog is mildly comical and a little sad.
12, although the date in your blog was the 9th. I still don’t understand why you described Catalonia as “Spain's itchiest regional government” in that entry
26 - I suspect the two kinds of people will soon be those who use AI chatbots and those who use search engines (if it's not already)
8. I 've been so busy I didn't notice the 21-Things part of the post when I popped back the next day and so have just read (but not commented!) on what I missed!

15. Keeping an interested eye on it from the top of the bus!

16. I noticed the rebrand passing through and actually came back to check I hadn't missed anything about it here!

26. Google Search/Maps (and especially Streetview) is my friend!

28. I'm sure someone will!

29. I had a feeling of deja vue too!
I really like the idea of the hide and seek, but on a Saturday I'm not sat at my computer ready to ask questions. If it had been a weekday, at my desk, I'd have been engaged.
12 - I'm not a fan of the "competition" mindset at the best of times, but it could be that the other 470 photos published that day were just of exemplary quality. I'd rather people aimed to be the best that each of them can be, rather than concerning themselves with others.
I must say I enjoy it when you toy with our expectations.
23 - You see someone taking it "much too seriously"; I see someone who learned to use Google My Maps on a slow weekend with little homework.
26 - Similarly, classmates see me as a genius for knowing information simply from reading assignment instructions and emails from teachers.
Every month, I look forward *in particular* to the Unclogged Things Day, always a masterpiece of finely constructed jewellery.
I quite enjoyed this one! Makes for a change from the usual unblogged posts!

28) How about a collaborative annotated bus journey? Pick a random number (well known would be good) and the comments box tells you what to look out for the way you do and at the end of the day let us know how bad our recollection is and what we got right or wrong?
23. I'm really disappointed at this news based on a single pair of short-notice experiments. Do please reconsider, or at least consider alternative options for the future (maybe collaborating with peers like Geoff and Ian). Please don't treat us all as a simplistic amorphous blob that collectively failed you: timing and other logistical factors came into it. I genuinely think that you have a lot of fans who would love the opportunity to thank you in person and would relish some form of challenge with more practical preparation and advance notice. Or a talk at the LTM or Gresham. Or whatever.
23. For the avoidance of doubt, I was never intending to be found.
18. You’re right, I do hate it. I now play a game with myself where I try desperately to keep the rotating images off the bottom of the screen and then scroll up really quickly so they disappear off the top end before it rotates. So if I succeed I don’t actually get to see any of your pictures.

25 I initially wondered if it was a helicopter, then assumed it must be a particularly exciting kite and huffed about posh southerners getting better ones than we ever did.

I also notice the insertion of ‘probably’ into ‘questions won’t be answered’ and am intrigued by what it now means we can get away with.
3 I read the blog first thing but that's usually about 0600, so I'm almost 23 hours behind 'people generally'.

18 I hate rotating the photos. They're too slow and distracting if I'm not interested in one and too fast if I am.
19. Good to see the use of typeface rather than font (though we'd have known what you meant anyway)
Tue 12: Is it the Catalan flag in the Prince Henry's Room? How come?

dg writes: it's explained in the post.
8 - Here's 21 comments on a post that references that you got 21 comments on a post about 21 London 21s, and 21×2 comments on your 21st birthday post.

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