please empty your brain below

Sounds good. We might like a look when we come to the Paralympics - courtesy of your recommendation. But I would really appreciate a map - a quick sketch would do, maybe just the start and end of your 600m. I have tried to figure it out, but am confused by the lefts and rights, and the many rivers.

The Long Wall path was passable without the diversion in March. I've stood there before without realizing there were 14 sewage outlets under my feet. I just assumed it was some sort of wharf. Down at the lock they were constructing what looked like floating prison cages. For anyone caught trying to sneak a tripod in?

Hi Malcolm - good point!
Map link now included - hope that helps.

I've walked these parts, and can recommend this walk.
(Oh well, there goes my notion that "The Snail" was a turbocharger for some giant engine.)
As regards the masonry from the Euston Arch, there was a documentary a while ago by Dan Cruickshank, where he not only spoke of the stones in the canal, but also located more remains in the garden of a house in Chislehurst. That house, which was called 'Paradise Villa' has now been pulled down and rebuilt. I'm often curious as to whether the stones in the garden might still be there.

Hurrah - comments working again!


Davina McCall - has there ever been a more fatuous, patronising, insincere, shallow specimin of the 'famous for being famous' breed?

Truly, I utterly detest that woman for being the supreme exemplar of the Heat culture.

DG - the map link you gave is excellent. I had forgotten about the walk4Life maps. If these are based on the current OS 1:25,000 set, it is great that they are online free.

i thought you might have passed by the old ford factory at dagenham again too see the rest of the big tent...

I read this post on Friday morning. The path was one of my old stamping grounds, but a year or two back we were showing my partner's nephew around and came to the impassable barrier, and I hadn't been back since. It is, I must say, a bit overgrown for someone in work clothes, with lots of nettles and what might have been giant hogweed (not to be messed with). Once it was very pleasantly landscaped with flowering shrubs, but not any more. The only new thing was the big tall bridge over the Prescott Channel, which at least gave a view.

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