please empty your brain below

Looking forward to it.
I think.
The mystery count?
F5, on the hour, every hour.
Hopefully a good thing, it's not as though 2022 has been uneventful.
Saving my comment place for later
Is it the Lord Mayor's ride around the City?
You are in league with Musk and Twitter?
Tension rising.....
Getting married? If so, you kept that very quiet!
Oh good, he is still alive.
Clickbait. Just ignore it.
Someone's coming to fix the oven fan?
That was really exciting. Now it has happened, I'm glad it worked out so well.
Having googled 'happening today London' I can deduce that the thing is presumably either "I LOVE REGGAETON 'HALLOWEEN SPECIAL' - LONDON'S BIGGEST REGGAETON PARTY" or "Swiftogeddon - The Taylor Swift Club Night".
vagblogging rubbish. The quality of your posts has plummeted over the last few years
I hope it was a good thing.
New Kettle?
I think I would bank on dg coming up with the goods given he is central to our daily lives.
The moving walkway opened?
Omg the thing has happened!! 😱
I bet Ian was there too, and posts first.
The Bank Travelator! Geoff Marshall has tweeted a short video. I look forward to lots of new timing comparisons. And misrouting scandals.
4th jab?
Have you been for a booster?
Not Elax again??
My money is on the "thing" being 9 minutes . . . I'm Bank(ing) on it
OH, thank God! I thought it was something bad. Hope you enjoyed the ride!
A "concourse between platforms" should be known as an "intercourse"
Well done ap at 10:41!

Somewhat disappointed it wasn't the Taylor Swift club night.
Is it a moving walkway? Or is it a Travelator?
TfL doesn't normally use the latter term, as it's proprietary - a brand-name, like Hoover (other makes of vacuum cleaner are available).
I hope the Canon Street entrance remains open for longer during the day than the Walbrook entrance which is often shut.
tfl 's animated Bank upgrade poster today promises more suspense saying in last sentence, more to come this winter.
... two stations with names whose first word has four letters, the first letter being B.
I was in London today intending to try out the new interchange.....and then forgot! But it was the busiest I've seen in in London (Cheapside/Mansion House area) since before lockdown.
Second that, not seen London this busy in past three years, Embankment Strand Covent garden, Charing x Rd, & Foyles like Picc Circus.
Looking forward to trying this out, as the old route between the Northern and Central Lines was horrid!
Those direction signs above escalators 23, 24 and 25 - are they really each reserved for access to those three lines respectively? Or can I go down 23 to get to the circle line?
The brand name is actually Trav-o-Lator. Internally TfL refers to them as Passenger Conveyers.
Impressive, but still no step-free access to/from the Central line in prospect.

dg writes: for good reason.
Doh, I forgot to come back and check what the thing was!
Sorry to grumble; I have never taken you to task before.

On Sunday I had to get to Richmond to see my son. As you know, the District line wasn't running to our part of London that day. My partner is disabled after a serious accident and I wanted to minimise the walking. So I decided to try changing at Bank; we got the 25 to Mile End station and then the Central line.
It was a disaster, far worse than before the "upgrade" -- the walking route was longer, and it took us right down to the Docklands platforms and then out beyond the District line at Monument so we had to come back.
Coming back we avoided Bank like the plague, took the rail replacement bus (which indicated it was going to Clapham Junction, only a small paper notice gave the correct destination) and walked home from Stepney Green.
It sounds like you followed the old route, not the new one, and that was always hellish. They haven’t updated all the arrows yet… with unfortunate results.
There were lots of people in dayglo jackets standing round; we went the way they sent us.

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