please empty your brain below

Hope you have a great New Year as well, DG. Here's to 2010!

You certainly do deserve a break. Hope that the evening is a good one.

shake the hands of complete strangers ??
now... now... surely you can manage a wee kiss or two?
Happy New Year Peter

Thanks for all your blogging this year. All the best for 2010.

Thank You DG for a truly epic blog, which you keep filling with interesting and readable posts and stories.
May the New Year bring you all you wish for yourself.
Happy New Year.

I've never done an Edinburgh Hogmanay, but I'm willing to concede that it's one thing they do better than Glasgow. Go and see Frightened Rabbit on the Waverley Stage if you get a chance - but above all, have a good time, hug lots of strangers at midnight, and try not to get too cold. (The whisky'll help with that.)

All the best for 2010, and lang may yer lum reek.

...wi' other folks' coal.

Ooh! A field trip! Can't wait to read the report.
Wishing you and yours all the best for 2010, and here's to another year of top quality blogging.

Happy New Year DG :) Hope you have a good time in Edinburgh and a great 2010.

Happy new year DG and may 2010 bring much more of the top quality blogging that we've come to expect. Oh and enjoy Edinburgh!

Happy New Decade!

Happy new year DG, thank you so much for your wonderful blog posts I look forward to them . Enjoy your hogmanay:)

The new decade is still a year away!


Happy New Year, dg, and long may your blog continue - am relying on you now for Bow-related news, having just moved south of the river. All the best for 2010 x

Hope you have a good time in Edinburgh dg, and not too much snow!

All the best to you in 2010 DG!

Thanks for all your blogs, photos helpful, historical and at times hysterical info.
Happy 2010

A new year, new challenges, and the best to all. I'm looking forward to your continued wisdom. We're minding the grandkids while their parents celebrate. Really, cementing the relationship with the little ones is a really great way to spend this time. We'd be in bed by 10:00 anyway.

Gone listening to the badpipes.

I hope it was better than our visit - I didn't realise you had to buy tickets to get into the proper revelling areas, we did stand on the street and drink beer and get cold - the worst bit was we were staying with a girl who didn't like turning the heating on. Brrrr. Anyway Happy New YEar. HOpe 2010 turns out better.

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