please empty your brain below

Ooh! The return of typewriter art.
I think it's a word search.
I searched in vain for the words Expensive, Investment and Unoccupied.
Ah I can see it now, a leaping dophin in front of the moon....
Erm. Will you be planning a rural retirement by then? I hear Cumbria is quite fine, but perhaps Cley next the Sea might suit better.
But there are no inspirational major roundabouts to write about in north Norfolk.
i dont get it, what's TSFLA?
London for affluent people, except for a pocket of poverty remaining in one corner. The others will have had to move out.
Alien blasted wasteland
Being astigmatic I can barely read this post.
No Pubs left

Learnt of another planning application for a 40 story block in Stratford High St today. When they've finished they can join them all up and Stratford High Street will end up as one 25-40 tower block 1 mile long to Bow roundabout!

What planning idiots are allowing all these stupidly tall buildings and who will actually live in them?
I can spot a few 'crap's. How appropriate!
No pubs, but there is a popup vodka joint.
@ I'm staying annonymous

No one has to actually live in them. They will be "assets"/"investments" for people (some/most? from other countries) to pile-up their money in.
Maybe they are ramdom letters and we read into what we wish to.
In which case I think the "boom" has, unbeknown to many, already started. Quite a few they will never notice it.
Others will already be doing well from it. But around the corner lurks a increase in "interest rates" and following that the start of the "bang"
Hope it doesn't happen...but get the feeling many will suffer, so what "we" going to do about it?
Might be an accurate description of /inner/ London in 2025. But outer London will probably still have a predominance of HOUSES over FLATS.

Now if you are talking 2050, maybe all bets are off!
Looks like Woolwich to me.
Sounds a bit like Singapore without the noodles.
Your walk to work.
Doesn't work so well if your screen is less than 40 characters wide.
Inner city full of flats. It's a revelation. Not.
Being a hopeless optimist, I would like to add this:

TREESKEBAB... well you get the idea

That's if the London National Park City campaign gets its way - it's well worth looking up as I see there a credible antidote to these other trends.
How is that different from now? (Honest question.)
Missing out "HOUSECONVERTEDINTOFLATS" and "FLATSBUILTONGARDENS" - which is the destiny of slightly further out residences and their gardens. 2050 will not be pretty.

The untouchable areas are already over-desirable uber-expensive zones with "Village" suffixes.
I do like WINEBARF. Usually spotted in seven kings high road at 7am Sunday...
Starbucks, McDonalds and Boots. You can't throw a brick in central London without hitting one of these. I know. I tried last May Bank Holiday.

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