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In some cases, London postal districts are organised geographically, starting from what is initially designated as the head postal district (eg NI, Ei). Other postal districts were created later, and were organised geographically (Northern postal districts). It all comes down to the history of the development of London postal services. In NE Landon there are old street names surviving which have an NE designation despite now being in either E or N.

dg writes: blogged here, mapped here
Talking of spiralling chains Paris has its 20 arrondissements arranged in an almost perfect spiral.

No sunshine down here in West Sussex as yet.
Unfortunately you can only walk directly from TW8 to TW9 if you are prepared to get very wet. The north end of Kew Bridge is apparently in W4
Just about to start my lovely day - but plenty of time to read first!
As with a lot of your posts it's one I didn't know I needed to know until you pointed it out!
Some of us are stuck watching kids do lengths in a swimming pool for what seems hours...
In SM at least, it's only 6 but it's the whole postcode district that's consecutive!
As an Old Croydonian I find it re-assuring that even when it comes to postcodes Croydon is "rubbish".
There is a lot of numerology in TW postcodes. The sectors from TW5 to TW20 continuously cycle from 0 to 9 and most of them adjoin the ones before and after.
Portsmouth postcodes have three clusters with contiguous districts: Portsea Island PO1-PO5; Cosham & Havant PO6-11; Gosport & Fareham PO12-17; Chichester & Bognor PO18-22. The Isle of Wight part of the PO area would have the same thing were it not for the over-mighty PO30 and PO33 muscling their way in-betweem others and breaking the potential sequence.
Nationally I think the longest chain is
HP4 Berkhamsted → HP23 Tring

NG1 Nottingham → NG25 Newark potentially beats it, but I suspect a couple of districts don't quite graze.
NG4 and NG5 are not contiguous (NG3 separates them, at their closest they are quarter of a mile apart)
Likewise NG6 and NG7 - very close, but separated by the width of Valley Road, which is partly in NG5 and partly in NG8.
So only continuous from NG7 to NG25, one less than the HP sequence

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