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Well at least your old shirt still fits you OK after 10 years.
I too have old shirts that still fit, trousers however seem to become tight at the waist!, but I'm trying to slim back down.
I have my cricket clothes last worn in 1981, when I last played cricket. I think the oldest items of clothing I have go back to 1977.
I too am not a follower of fashion!.

I should add I also where a watch, and often when people notice it they ask to see the time, so much easier than getting out a mobile telephone.

I am dreading the day when my favourite summer 3/4 length cotton trousers die. They are fading fast and I have sewn the seams twice. Given that it can reach over 100 degs here in summer for days on end, and also that it can be quite humid, I am dreading having to resort to the kinds of clingy 'stretch' and hot synthetic fabrics that seem to be the only option for women today. And I won't mention that most are obscenely low on the waist and uncomfortable to wear. I collect cotton clothes whenever I find them, because, for women, they are so rare (they are actually easiest to buy in the UK - bless M&S and BHS!). But trousers... fergedabodit. My partner always things that I am whingy - but I drool over men's clothes because they are cool, comfortable, cotton and built to wear instead of to show off tits, arse or leg. So no sympathy from me. Go into M&S or BHS and choose from amongst the myriad of comfy and cool (in both senses of the word) shirts available!

Put the shirt in the drawer, "the drawer of soft things" i.e. comfort clothes that you like. Put it on when you get back from work to make you feel happy. Just don't answer the door in these clothes.

Go to the Paul Smith sale shop in Avery Row and buy your next favourite shirt.

I always think it is easier for men than women to buy clothes. In TK Maxx there seems to be rails and rails of sensible menswear but the jumble of stuff in the women's dept makes it really hard to find anything that is easy to wear.

Happens to all of us
Suddenly realised that I still wear clothes older than my children.

And a watch.

Sounds like your friend has pretty shallow friends.

There are places that can exactly copy any garment you care to provide. At a price, of course...

DG. I too have a great shirt story.
I have a Levis denim shirt that was bought as a birthday gift in 1994. The great thing with this shirt being denim, it didn't matter when it was noticeably repaired, if anything it added character. Every summer I wear it, it has become a token that summer here.

I had a very shirt. Well, t-shirt actually. It was just a plain black one, from the levis shop. Didn't think there was anything that special about it, i just wanted a black t-shirt, and they had one on sale. Except there clearly was something about it, for every time I wore it, someone would comment on how good I looked in it, or asked if I'd been working out. (I don't work out, and no-one ever complements my dress sense). It boosted my confidence, and became my favourite shirt. It was a sad day when I had to retire it it, for similar reasons. But I still have it in a draw, just like you.

(oh, and yes, your friend's friend sounds very shallow, and not very nice)

It's funny how shirts can have that effect on one. Somehow pants rarely do to the same extent. I too hold onto my tattered old favorites long past their pull date.

I'd suggest thrift stores for a replacement. Thrift stores are the last place you can still find vintage quality clothing made by top name designers and all for a song.

I never go anwhere without a watch.

The problem is that these days, you really do get what you pay for. Yes, you can buy a £5 shirt from Primark, but don't expect it to last that long.

For a shirt that will last ten years, I would imagine you'd have to pay quite a substantial price nowadays.

late 1981. haircut one hundred. 'your favourite shirt is on the bed, do a somersault on your head'. great memories. nick heyward live at the english folk union in camden this sunday, if anyone is interested.

I feel your pain! I live in dread of when my jeans start showing daylight through the seat!
My "posh frock" is ca 1991, and my mobile is only able to make phone calls! The shame of it!
But my watch is new as I got so fed up buying replacement batteries that cost more than the darn thing, I bought an automatic last month!

I have a pink crew-neck jumper that must be at least 30 years old. When I wear it, people say to me "you're looking well today."

I sometimes forget to take my mobile with me but I always wear my watch. Am I old ?!

Thanks DG, brings back the memories of your posts circa 2006-07. Time flies...

Yes, yes, I'm far too late. Bet you all wondered where I was, didn't you? I've just come back from five days' venturing beyond the boundaries of civilised society and immersing myself in the wild and untamed badlands deep in dangerous and uncharted territory, or "Yorkshire", as it prefers to be known.

Anyway, back to business.

There's a trailing slash at the end of the "ringing-changes" URL which shouldn't be there!

dg writes: How dare you go to Yorkshire when there are inaccurate weblinks to be tweaked?! (but thanks)

I am now 48 and have a dress I made when I was 16 (fortunately very synthetic fabric) and I still wear it at least once every summer. That one will have to be framed when I cannot wear it anymore.

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