please empty your brain below

Sian - the Greens have really got their act together.
First preference.
2nd choice
First choice
1st choice
Better transport, more housing, less pollution - that's all that matters to London.
2nd choice
1st choice
Already voted for her. Not sure if the Greens are more coherent than usual or the other parties less so, but they came off pretty well this year. (Sadiq as the inevitable second choice - don't fancy him much, but oh jeez do I dislike Goldsmith and Pigeon)
first choice.
First choice...
First preference.
1st choice
Sian first
Caroline second
I would.
First choice here
First choice, second Sadiq (Cause I have to actually pick someone else who might get in)
As above, she's my first choice but I'm still deciding on a second choice. Potentially Zac.
1st choice, with a tactical 2nd for Sadiq
First choice, but not expecting a win.

Greens likely to get a rise in assembly members though.
First, second Pidgeon.
First choice, Sadiq #2.
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I put the Greens as first preference in the mayoral election, and for my list vote for the Assembly, as a signal to my second choice (Labour) not to take my vote for granted, and to keep them thinking about environmental issues.
First choice, Sadiq 2nd
Sian. She represents what I believe. I've given up with tactical voting. I might leave my second preference blanc.
1st choice for me
First preference
Sian all the way!

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