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Happy New Year DG! May all our borough counts be more evenly distributed in 2021.

(For some reason I thought you were taller!)
24 TfL journeys in the first three months of the year, followed by 8, all in October.
I have cycled about 1200 miles over the year though.
DG - thank you for packing so much into your days, and into ours.
Lest anyone complain, here it is in metric.

Jan9 km81 kg
Feb10 km81 kg
Mar7 km80 kg
Apr6 km79 kg
May9 km78 kg
Jun11 km77 kg
Jul12 km77 kg
Aug  12 km76 kg
Sep14 km76 kg
Oct12 km75 kg
Nov14 km75 kg
Dec15 km75 kg

That’s an impressive amount of walking.
In my case any weight loss would be due to the lack of visits to tea rooms during walks. I think I've missed little pleasures like that more than the big events that were cancelled this year.
I too lost weight during lockdown but for me I think it was because I was forced to cut out the bar of chocolate or muffin on the way home from work.
I can traverse 3 boroughs very easily. I live in Brent, a visit to my local Co-op 200 metres away is in Barnet and Iceland 50 metres further on is in Camden, so have probably visited those boroughs on most days this year.
This presumably means you went up to Grimsby and back in a day, taking in the sights in the process. That is quite something!
Long day trips are much favoured by DG. Yes, Grimsby or Plymouth might well justify a longer visit, by anyone who has the neccesary leisure. But short stays are much disfavoured, not just by the overnight accommodation price, but the train fare typically doubles or worse if you return on a different day. Which is a shame.
Start of lockdown - 82kg, this morning - 82kg. And been about the same for 25 odd years.
I certainly have been eating more, especially nibbles, but believe what has cancelled that out is I have been walking and cycling a lot. As at the start of April l dug out my old mountain bike, which had not seen any use since 1993, when for some years I lived 3 miles from work and cycled there 9-10 months of the year.
I fear that as we get back to some sort of normality my weight may increase, unless I curtail the extra nibbling!
thanks for keeping your brilliant blogging up and all the best for 2021. I'll be interested to read about any changes you notice when you can explore again.
I too keep a record of the London boroughs I visit, although in my case it’s the last time I visited rather than the number of visits.

I live in Lambeth, and have only been out of it for three whole days this year - during a short road trip with friends in September. This is unprecedented.

In the early days of the lockdown, I just went to three neighbouring boroughs - Southwark, Wandsworth and Westminster - which are a few minutes walk from where I live. As things improved, I added a few more - the City, Camden, K&C, Islington, Hackney and Tower Hamlets - which I was able to get to and from without using public transport. During the brief period between the first lockdown and the second wave I managed to visit these boroughs once each - Enfield, Newham, Croydon, Bromley, Redbridge, Richmond, Haringey, H&F, Merton and Lewisham. And outside London, I got to Cheshire, Oxford, and, all on the road trip, North and East Yorks, Durham and Lincs.

TL:DR - like you, I spent an unprecedented amount of time in my home borough and a few others nearby, and made a tiny number of trips anywhere else...
I've lost weight this year too - but as all I've been doing is staying at home and sitting on my bum, I fear it's due to muscle turning to flab!!

Wishing you and all your readers a very happy New Year.
I managed to lose 1 stone in two weeks in March - but don’t recommend this Covid weight loss programme to anyone else!!
Looking back to this day last year according to my diary, I am now 20lbs lighter, which is not something I foresaw for 2020, pleased though I am with the result. Those daily office lunches really do some damage. I fear this has taken me out of the high priority list for the vaccine though! I should be due mine around easter but with my new bmi I'll be back down to July/August according to vaccine calculators.

5 boroughs since March, though only 2 extra in January-lockdown.
I've lost about a stone since March. I also put this down to the lack of visits to cafes but also being more or less confined to the house means my wife has much greater control over my calorie intake!

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