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Stanley's Cumberlow House became the first LCC Remand Home for girls, 1933 as here Can't locate an online photo though.

Another well known South Norwood resident, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor has fared better with his name borne by a youth club.

Both of Croydon's tourist information centres close on Sundays.
And if they can't be bothered, then this time neither can I.

Yes and the one in the library is also closed on Mondays-Saturdays as well. Despite this, the last time I looked all the pedestrian signs they directed you to the now permanently shut one in the library. They even still had the official tourist information sign on a lamppost opposite pointing into the library. I pointed this out to the council over a year ago using their online reporting system but nothing got done. When I had reported a pointless local road sign a few weeks earlier they made a great fuss in letting me know that they had removed it. Presumably they pick the easy jobs to do to keep the statistics in their favour and ignore the hard ones that actually inconvenience people and cause wasted time and confusion.

Felix, unless the council website is out of date, which would not surprise me at all, Stanley Halls is still there (hope BW is impressed with my correct use of singular here) as a testimony to the local benefactor. I quote "Stanley Halls is a beautiful Grade 2 listed building, often described as the 'jewel in South Norwood's crown'. It is a multi-purpose venue suitable for theatre performances, wedding receptions, meetings and social functions,"

dg, how can you take a trip through sydenham and Penge and not mention the Crystal Palace tower, the Eiffel Tower of South London!

What about thte Penge Bungalow murders?

Penge also has two more groups of quaint old almshouses, including some by Edwin Nash, hidden away down side streets.

And other side streets (very very narrow ones!) have semis built in 1866-8 by the wonderfully named 'Metropolitan Association for Improving the Dwellings of the Industrious Classes'.

Even the post-war twentieth-century architecture is not as bland as it seems: one set of flats won the Festival of Britain Award for Merit. (Although looking at it nowadays, I'm not really sure it deserved it!)

I've written about Crystal Palace (and its transmitter) before, in rather more depth, back when Bromley came out of the random jamjar. I try not to repeat myself too often.

"Stanley Halls is still there (hope BW is impressed with my correct use of singular here)"

PoP - don't be silly; the correct usage is:

"stanley hall's are still they're" ;)

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