please empty your brain below

The City cluster photo is excellent it is so symmetrical!
I should have expected it but I am amazed by how much local history I learn from you.

I think we would have had a very different report if you had done this six months ago. The path from Clockhouse to the turn off for the Lavender field gets extremely muddy after a period of heavy rain (wellies not boots).
Where's the photo of the gyrating lady?
Ah, so it wasn't just a special trip to visit the Lavender Fields yesterday then!
Currently doing the opposite side of the Loop (NW) and it's amazing how distinctly the Shard stands out, even from that distance.
Wembley Stadium can also be seen near the spot that you see the city cluster on the horizon.

I did sections 3 ,6 and 7 of the London Loop all on the same day to finish off the loop.

I'd say sections 6 and 7 are a couple of the weaker sections of the Loop as they are 25-50% along roads and hence why I left them as the last sections to walk. However, like you I was fortunate enough to do section 6 it when the visibility was just good enough to see the City skyline and the bottom half lavender field was in bloom.
Moral of this story? Take a map!

I sometimes wonder about the enthusiasm of some sign posters for some walks. Do they ever intend for people to be able to take them without maps, GPS, whatever?

And we all know what too many would like to do to footpaths, particularly public footpaths near their properties or across golf courses. There's one like that in Bath - it goes from the University, across the golf course, then down one of the hills. I've taken it many times but don't recall finding where it actually ran across the golf course. Just look out for golfers!

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