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why would anyone except people who live nearby go to the olympic park? it just looks like some sort of souless IT/science business park.
@dave - if you are able to go there, I think that you will be pleasantly surprised.
@ Dave - while the park is not on my doorstep it's only a bus ride away. I had a walk round when the YOTB trail launched. It was actually rather nice to walk round although it was a slightly chilly autumn day. I'd imagine it would be lovely on a warm sunny day with the flowers and trees in Spring or Summer form. There were other people walking round and plenty enjoying the big seats nearer the Aquatic Centre.
2.5 years on, but quite a lot of it still looks like a newly built office park, albeit with some interesting features. How come?
I do not see how they call this a park. Basically it's a load of concrete with some grass in between which the developers and LLDC planners are doing there best to fill in. By the time all the new high rise apartment blocks, student blocks, other housing, the business quarter and the V&A museum etc etc are built, there won't be much traditional "Park" left.
> "quite a lot of it still looks like a newly built office park"

Because quite a lot of it is newly built office park.
The taster session at the Velodrome gives you a few more laps than DG's account - I'd say I spent at least half of it on the track, some of it alarmingly high up the banking because there was another cyclist to my left who wasn't going slow enough for me to overtake. It was vaguely terrifying, but good fun.

I think the original plans for Eastcross Bridge was to remove all but the swirly section, but they realised that it wasn't going to be big enough for the amount of traffic who'd be using it. All of the temporary bridge has temporarily gone, and 2/3 of it will be put back soon.

and Here East (terrible name) is on its way to being slightly less ugly. The Broadcast Centre is currently a bit draughty, as they've taken off the whole northern wall as part of works to create a campus for Loughborough University - and their website has fairly laughable aspirational images of the kind of hipster establishment they're hoping will move in to the canal-facing side of the Media Centre.
They're also digging up the road again at the north side of the building - with the 388 on diversion - to what my colleague describes as "moving the car park three feet to the left".
It is actually a very beautiful park with a great deal of waterways surrounding it as well as a great deal of new development, please do not judge it without at least paying a visit, as good as DGs photo's are they cannot show its full glory. I love it and as a local I am very pleased with the way it is turning out.
This is no green field and a couple of trees. It's a proper Urban park. It has broad paths because of the crowds it needs to handle for all the sporting facilities, but this makes for grand promenades where you can people watch as you walk.

There are plenty of corners of the park that are semi secluded and quieter and more green. But it's the childrens play equipment which is outstanding and what draws the families in droves. In the summer the pic nickers are quite thick on the ground.

The varied greenspaces and all those childrens activities combined with excellent transport links and parking (if you are willing to pay) mean that the slightest whiff of sunshine brings out the crowds.

But a park is long term project and it will be years before trees become tall and many parts are still being established as parts of the park are being rebuilt.

Once the new Universities and museums open in the surrounding area , I truly believe this will be great London space.
DG's update is a curious document!

He starts off with the allotments which were evicted from their beautiful site which he doesn't mention which Marsh Lane Fields will never match - also fails to mention that the LLDC, Waltham Forest and the LVRPA have cooked up a deal to prevent the return of the allotments to the already agreed site at Eton Manor, agreed with the LDA when they were evicted to Marsh Lane - planning permission had already been granted and was then revoked without agreement of MGS. The argument continues.

He says East Marsh is now restored. No, football is still not being played there. actually it was meant to be back in action in September 2013, yes that was 2013.

He refers to a 'legacy car park'. This is nothing of the kind. The whole of the coach park was supposed to be taken up after the Olympics but they have left a bit behind contrary to what was intended, as a car park. This is now the subject of a Planning Inquiry. There is an enormous car park at the main Marsh along with changing rooms so this so-called legacy car park is in the wrong place and unnecessary. There used to be changing rooms at East Marsh but those have been removed. In addition the 'restoration' left behind a long ramp without planning permission and a raised area of ground which was not planned.

Draper's Field has been changed beyond recognition. It was used for school sports but is now mostly all weather pitches. I have no idea what the schools make of it. It was mainly green field.

Bike course, There was of course a very good bike course at Eastway Cycle Circuit which was demolished to make way for the Olympics and caused local cycle clubs a hard time.

Chobham Manor was the site of two housing estates providing real affordable housing plus a travellers' site. DG is right to suggest it could have been used better to provide council housing. Chobham Manor is on course to provide a max of 20% 'affordable housing'. That doesn't take into account the loss of the two estates for 1000 people so actually it is a lot less in terms of legacy.

Here East or whatever, is built on Common Land!! This would not have been allowed without the Olympics Act. It was a green wild open space called Arena Fields and among others was used by local schoolchildren.

There were lots of people (almost 5000) working on the Olympic Park before they were kicked off. Businesses were not properly compensated. This was valuable land, whatever the authorities may have claimed, a property developers dream with river and canals (you can see all the blocks of flats which have been built along the canals and up Stratford High Street which are nothing to do with the Olympics), good transport connections and cheap industrial land. The new jobs will not go to local people, unlike the ones there before.

The Park - lyingly described as the 'largest new urban park in Europe for 150 years'. Actually there is a larger one in west London which is about twenty years old. There already was plenty of park land which was going to be increased regardless of the Olympics. There were wild open spaces at the Eastway Cycle Circuit with a stream, the Channelsea River (now culverted) running through it, with hills and woods, and Arena Fields, with as much habitat as now. Lots of other hidden spaces. All these spaces were less managed and more friendly for wildlife. Car parking pathways, even the playing areas of the stadiums are included in the definition of 'parkland' - and it is getting smaller as land is sliced off for other developments.

Stadium contrary to plans has been handed over for a song to West Ham which has been able to make a killing selling off its old Boleyn ground (which was the whole point of moving) which will have almost no affordable housing built there. Remember Ms Jowell saying 'we don't need another football ground we've already got Wembley'. Stadium still being converted at ever greater cost to the public with impoverished Newham chipping in £40m as a loan to West Ham.

Carpenters road finally open, took two years and years of closure before the Olympics! Why so long? access from Carpenters Estate to Stratford Station which was open for Olympic users but not local people blocked off again.

The Orbit! Johnson's folly dreamed up in a cloakroom at Davos with Mr Mittal - nothing to do with anything
Hi Julian.

Like I said, it's an update. Many of the issues you raise have been featured and discussed (and perhaps even agreed with) on this blog over the past ten years.
Update that I received from a lady based at crossrail regarding the reopening of greenway entrance, and the little underpass tunnel off blaker road:

"I have contacted the site team based at Pudding Mill Lane and they have advised that our works are due to be completed by mid 2015 but we understand that the LLDC (London Legacy Development Corporation) have works that will continue for at least a year beyond that date."

Not quite sure really what this means about reopening - will it be mid 2016? :( and will this mean the allotments will be out of use, yet for another year?! Quite frustrating
Have certainly agreed with many of DG's posts over the years! my comments could be taken as an update of his update!

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