please empty your brain below

I thought that London's tallest crane (or highest crane) was now lifting the last few floors into place atop the Shard building.

I'm sure cable cars are not going as high as the Shard!-Be a good ride if they do though.

The very worst thing about cable cars is the queue! For example:

I think this has great potential to bring visitors to the area (or for those heading there anyway, to keep them in the area for longer) - surely that can only be good for local jobs?
The LDA were backing this as a way of encouraging visitor development in the Royal Docks (e.g. the Siemens site) but had to drop away after it was earmarked for abolition and its budget taken back by the government.

Quick, cheap, good. You can have any two in a construction project, but not all three.

I'll take a trip on it when it's built. The view will be utterly fantastic. I remember when area was working docks, back in the 1950's, what a complete turn around.

Thanks for this - I completely forgot about the open three hours and stayed in bed...

"Two passengers minimum"?

So what happens if there is a lull in visitors? Does the car get held or is the empty car allowed to cross but the single passenger held back until another soul appears?

I did ask about single passengers, and the reply suggested this might be a tentative policy that hadn't been fully thought through, and might change.

Minimum two passengers? Cable cars across the Alps take single passengers all the time. Would seem like a bizarre 'elf n safety interpretation if they stick with that proposed restriction.

I've even used a cable car in a remote Swiss valley where the upper station was unmanned - you got in the cab and pushed a button to set the thing running and paid your fare to the one staff member at the base. We didn't fall off the wires - seemed safe enough to me.

IIRC the LDA were not for backing this project but were instructed by the Mayor to do so.
I agree with DG that if it is to be built it should be built properly but also that the management of this project and the hefty cost over-run against the original estimate be closely scrutinised - otherwise what is to stop the same mistakes being made again?

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