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This is very interesting. I work for LU and didn’t know anything about this map being introduced - but then again, I’m outside zone 1; albeit my home area does feature on it. Which is nice.
I've only seen the map in the racks at Tower Hill, nowhere else. But the cover does look very similar to a real tube map, so it's well camouflaged.
Upper Holloway looks like some wheelchair portal to the Underground.
What's a grand ma?
What's a grand, ma?
Forget the maps. What have you done with Squeezy Pig?
A link to ebay, is this the DG pension scheme?
You didn't mention the fact that Gospel Oak also appears to be AWOL.

dg writes: Updated, thanks.
I cycled that route between Hyde Park and the monument a few weeks ago and I thought then that it was a brilliant tourist attraction. It goes past most of the biggest sights, and despite being a very nervous cyclist, I felt very safe all the time. And the bikes are a bargain too!
"I was at Tower Hill station and needed a tube map, so I picked one up..."

The thought of DG needing a tube map!! Best laugh I've had in ages! He probably has the entire tube map memorised down to the last red dagger!
So TfL thinks tourists are no longer able to understand the regular Tube map, which they call "a masterpiece of design" (or some such waffle)?

Interesting that you haven't seen it anywhere other than Tower Hill — I'd think Kings Cross, Charing Cross, Heathrow etc would be more visible to tourists (although they do visit the Tower and Tower Bridge in droves)
there's obviously nothing wrong with relieving tourists of their money (it helps keep the prices down for those of us who live in the city) ... as long as it's done in an honest manner !
Not just Tower Hill. I found some at Blackfriars a few days ago. But not being as observant as DG, I didn't spot the errors.
I picked one up a few weeks ago when in London. Even with my specs on I found the Tube map so small that I could barely read it. I did like the grandma slogan though.
Is there any mention of buses in this document? Earlier leaflets aimed at tourists had a 'key routes' spider map - I suppose it's too much to hope that there might be something similar in this. And what about plugging the aimed-at-tourists (especially those at Tower Hill) 15H?

dg writes: As you unfold, one panel is a brief exhortation to Catch a London bus. No maps or routes, but helpful bullet points about fares and "on-board announcements of stops".
Belsize Park is a bit lost without its tick too.

dg writes:Already listed that, thanks.

I wouldn't denigrate 'work experience' - its a sloppy affair overall that shouldn't have been allowed out.

Poor cropping in favour of an superfluous blue strip means that it doesn't show Clapham High Street linking with Clapham North, let alone the missing bot of line from there to Peckham Rye. Quite a farce.
I imagine by posting this I'm doing exactly what they want, but can you believe this utter cods from the Royal Wharf website:
"Districts like Belgravia, Fitzrovia, Mayfair and Bloomsbury have unmistakeable characters of their own, and Royal Wharf now joins the club: as much a local neighbourhood as it is a part of the capital."
I'll counter that positive spin by saying that "Royal Wharf is a dense soulless flatcluster."
Pretty sure I passed some of these in the rack at Shepherd's Bush the other day, but being in no need of a tube map at the time, didn't pick one up.
Another entry into the mystery of "What does TfL consider 'Central London' to mean?"

Their maps on TfLRail trains (at least on the eastern section) consider Heathrow to be in central London but Stratford isn't and over the years I've seen all manner of variations of maps, some chopping off Zone 1 stations, others going quite some way out but only in certain directions. It's nice that east London gets some of this for once.
Although I have a reasonable idea where Belgravia, Fitzrovia, Bloomsbury and Mayfair are (despite their absence from the Tube Map), I am pleased to say that I have no idea where Royal Wharf is (although I would guess it's somewhere on the Thames) and no particular interest in finding out.
Another mistake I only just spotted: the blob at Willesden Junction doesn't cover the Bakerloo line.

The top portion looks like a vector file that's in the middle of loading, somehow immortalized on paper.

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