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I'm very sympathetic to the Forest Hill residents but I fear they're going to have an uphill struggle. This developer has 'invested' in this site, probably at considerable cost, and no doubt wishes to fulfil their role and 'develop' - if they didn't they'd be acting against the interests of their shareholders, whoever they may be.

It's easy to whine about the planning process and the council, but the reality is that you're fighting pure well-resourced capitalism, as is the planning process. If you don't believe in it perhaps you should be at the next anti-capitalist rally.

There's another site for Severndroog Castle 'fans':

It's largely a set of memories, including mine, with the hope for a successful campaign.

Regarding Forest Hill, you'd have thought that the credit crunch would stop the developers in their tracks. It seems that this isn't the case, unfortunately. No wonder our inner cities have so many unoccupied flats.

As for National Geographic, I got given a huge pile of the magazines for free by my local library not so long ago. They really are fascinating, particularly when you look at the photographs of remote, exotic places that seem a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of London. Indeed, I often find it relaxing to pick up and flick through a copy of National Geographic.

I didn't think the art world used unfashionable terms like "Shoreditch" any more. I thought everything from De Beauvoir Square practically as far south as Aldgate East was "Hoxton" these days.

That onabus site is very sexy. Much better than actually being on the bus itself...

Excellent info on Severndroog Castle - will definitely try to visit when in London...

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