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I went to a garden party in my gilded youth, as an 'unmarried daughter'. Nobody except my family spoke to me but it was a jolly nice slap up tea.

Both me and my university friend have been (on separate occasions) to one of the garden parties. Of course we were just the other 'alves.

Some of those outfits are unbelievably frumpy.

In ten day's time, I'll be cycling down the mall towards Buckingham Palace (and then on, out of London to Windsor), in aid of her maj's eldest's own charity. It's going to be great fun.

Breaking news re Tube Map from BBC London lunchtime TV:

Thames being reintroduced from December, zones being reconsidered.

Ah, the power of blog/common sense

I've done the Mews but, like the Queen, I'm at my other official residence during the summer too, so haven't yet managed to do this tour. It's on my Bucket list though.

some of the commonwealth states have ticket lotteries for their allocation... the tea is lovely...

<notes that hardly anyone looks at his photos any more, even when they're of the Queen's back garden>

It's the Queen, Exit, she was hardly going to dress like Twiggy was she? She's so posh the accent is almost inverted. Nice pearl necklace, though, Gawd bless 'er.

Well, I looked at the photos of the back garden, but then I'm always on the look-out for ideas I can copy.

Hello again DG, I am now back reading your blog everyday after abandoning you for 2 & half months following geofftech's USA antics. Sorry about that. I like your photos of Buck Palace, and think I will go there in the future. I don't think I have ever seen the changing of the guard. I also did heritage weekend last week two visits, thanks to you.

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