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I loved the guy after he wiped the floor with those Senators over at the Oil-for-food Senate inquiry.

But I got over it pretty quick...

DG, I am with you on Galloway's performance as an MP. But, you have to admit, he does make politics interesting - I would love to see him toss his hat into the ring for Mayor alongside Ken and Boris...

Bah, cannot stand the guy, he's like a broken record.

MP David Jones has spoken more times in parliament in the last month than George Galloway has ever. Of course the major issue in the North Wales Weekly News is "Why are they even going to London on tax payers money?!?!?"

We live in a fickle area.

Yeah, but, is he losing any of his parliamentary allowances while he's suspended?

Sounds like a case of a kid on a fixed-term exclusion from school. Exactly what he wants.

My MP has a below average voting record but is involved in more debates and has asked more written questions than most so I'm not sure how to judge him.

Thankfully I don't have to, yet. Although when I do, my vote could be crucial as he has one of the smallest parliamentary majorities (just 22 MPs have smaller majorities).

DG, you and everyone from Bethnal Green and Bow have my deepest sympathies. The man is the most infuriating cretin. I was stunned that he got voted in originally, never would have happened if he stayed north of the boarder!

But thanks for introducing me to "TheyWorkForYou" - brilliant site! Turns out my MP is well above average in everything, including voting in 89\\% of the votes, and she has Nil interests! A proper MP, but then, she is representing Swindon - nothing exciting happens here.

GG is the classic ‘sales director’ a character I’ve worked for many times in many guises.
Self-serving, ego manic, do as I say not as I do self-promoter, bearer of grudges, too arrogant to conceal his prejudices, great at talking things up to his ‘troops’, shite at doing things any other way than the status quo. Always trying to portray himself as the heroic outsider, but always revealing himself as a product (and beneficiary) of the system he claims to despise. Whether or not he took money from Saddam, he made that arse licking speech to a mass murderer. If that didn’t bring the house into disrepute what can?

I wish I had more interesting things to say about my MP. Unfortunately he's Mr. Deputy Speaker, so he cannot vote and most of his speaking is done when he's telling someone off.

However, he is a really nice guy, I see him fairly frequently and he helped to fix a problem I had with my NHS trust within days of contacting him.

Considering how piss poor Mr. Galloway's performance is and how you feel disenfranchised, maybe you should write to your MP about it?

The Respect-Unity Coaltion (or, I swear, "the Respect Unity Collision" as the returning officer had it at the General Election), which was always an unlikely grouping, is showing every sign of imploding.

By prancing around in that ridiculous lycra thing he alienated a fairly large proportion of his Muslim supporters, and his political record (and Big Brother) has also alienated a large chunk of his hard left support. Methinks that Gorgeous George will not do so well at the next election.

This makes me happy.

Very useful info. I dislike him intensely and the best I could muster in support of my position was that he was 'just so obviously awful.'

Now I have facts that back up my previously ungrounded dislike of him! Thanks!

I shook hands with George Galloway once. That means I am just one link away from Saddam Hussein. Scary stuff.

That line from the new Robin Williams movie sums it all up nicely:

"Politicians are like diapers... they should be changed frequently and for the same reason!"


Lets not forget his recent week presenting Big Brother's Big Mouth!

The man is a complete shambles. He was doing a kind of 'meet his public' thing a while ago, my parents decided to go and see what he wsa like, he completely ignored them and walked over to someone else...respect indeed.

Can we not get rid of him?

Pretty please?

That'll teach me to read the big blue links that already mention BBBM...but that really annoyed me!

"Politics is just showbiz for ugly people"

BB will eventually reveal its own truths

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