please empty your brain below

Truss is too light weight. Tory members will want a air of competence and confidence after Boris.
The public school and wealth confidence of Boris, plus an air of competance and the impression of having some intelligence, plus a shrewd political operator. I'll stick my neck out and say it's no contest. This being the Tory party, non-whiteness could be an unspoken issue, but he's so establishment that my gut says that's unlikely to count decisively against him.
Agree with Sarah. If the Tory party can handle a serial shagger with an unkown number of kids by multiple partners, they can handle a black guy...can't they?
Who I think, not who I want.
I'd love to say "anyone else" but I guess it'll be Sunak.
Sunak- the least worst option.

The farcical handling of the Owen Paterson debacle could prove to be the straw that broke the camel's back for Johnson's leadership.
Not that I'm happy about it!

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