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Ealing also do fortnightly collection of everything other than food waste (alternating mixed recycling/rubbish).

Apparently this change caused a huge number of complaints to the council and MP - probably the least popular thing Ealing council did until low traffic neighbourhoods (personally I’m fine with both).
I have a small bin for food waste in Tower Hamlets
Croydon are the same as Ealing - fortnightly collection of everything other than food waste (alternating mixed recycling/rubbish). And they provide separate paper and mixed recycling bins
Waltham Forest have weekly food waste collection from caddies in some trial* areas, in others it goes in the brown bin with the garden waste.

* We've been in a trial area for about three years, so I'm not sure why they haven't proved anything yet.
Updated Ealing, Tower Hamlets and Croydon, thanks.
Lewisham is also fortnightly for rubbish (but weekly for the others).
Haringey rubbish collection is fortnightly (mentioned in text but not underlined on table).
Updated Lewisham, Haringey, Kingston and Merton, thanks.
Tower Hamlets doesn’t provide bins, except for food waste, if you have a street level property.
The purple recycling bins you see in borough are mainly for groups of properties, flats etc. The houses that have purple recycling bins, would have acquired them a long time ago.
Bromley doesn't supply bins for refuse they just take bin bags although they will empty residents' own wheelie bins. Bromley's refuse collection is also fortnightly.
Hackney technically has three bins as you get given a brown one for garden waste. This is collected fortnightly.
Despite all being members of the SW London partnership, Croydon, Kingston, Merton, and Sutton have different arrangements for plastic and glass waste. Croydon, as you say, have a fourth bin. Merton and Sutton, according to their websites, have boxes. Kingston gives you the choice (i.e "2 bins" OR "bin and box")
The Islington recycling boxes do come with black lids, but 90% plus are missing them as you can fit more in your box without them!
The Richmond recycling boxes I've seen are all lidless. I think they must come without them given their size relative to some of the cardboard that ends up in them.
Updated Tower Hamlets, Bromley and Wandsworth thanks.
Brent rubbish collection fortnightly.
Southwark alternates rubbish and recycling so they are both fortnightly. Food and garden waste weekly
Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC) provide no bins. General waste should be put in black sacks we buy and recycling in the clear bags with orange writing they provide. We have twice weekly collection of both rubbish and recycling.
Waltham Forest food & garden is fortnightly.
Updated Brent, Southwark, Kensington & Chelsea and Waltham Forest, thanks.
Newham should be a cross for everything. They asked me to flytip on the main road for the two and a half years I lived there.
Bexley rubbish is fortnightly. The recycling bins are also fortnightly (alternate weeks). Only the food waste is weekly.
You have Waltham Forest down for 3 bins. In fact, we have four. Black - general rubbish, Green - recycling, Brown - garden & 4th, a smaller Brown bin for food waste. The smaller Brown bin for food was introduced maybe 2 years ago, and simultaneously we all got a food waste caddy for the kitchen and also we get regular (free) deliveries of the special compostable food waste caddy liners.

I can remember when if your bin cracked or the lid broke, the Council gave you another one for free, but now they charge £25 for a replacement. All bins emptied weekly apart from the garden refuse one which is emptied weekly April to September and fortnightly October to March.
I live in Islington and have never had to pay extra for garden waste to be collected. We have a weekly collection, general rubbish (landfill), recycling, food recycling and garden recycling.
My info is 5 years old, but Richmond recycling boxes were indeed lidless then and still are in the brochure.
Updated Bexley, Islington and Richmond, thanks.
Some collections are more frequent than weekly. When I used to live on Edgware Road collections were 3 times a day, every day. Westminster does this on a few of it’s busier streets. I wonder what the that’s the most frequent collection is in London.
Camden general rubbish bin collection is fortnightly.

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