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I live on a London street where almost every house has a car outside. Some have two. My driveway is bare.

I like it that way too.

The insurance and road tax on ours seems extravagant sometimes, given the pitiful mileage it does. But with two kids and half the family in France, it certainly does save money or time (occasionally both) at times. I think if we could do without it, we'd be happy to sell. Even in the wilds of Zone 5, there's enough trains and buses.

I wish I could sell my car but I still live in the Ruralsville that is Hertfordshire. Once you are out of BigCity public transport is an expensive joke. I envy you.

I haven't seen it about for several years now. I suspect that it got cubed as part of the last governmint's scrappage scheme.

It was such a lovely blue too...

You can find out if a car still exists by putting its details into [drat can't remember which] one of the insurance comparison sites. If it still exists, it will populate the details fields when you enter the registration. If it doesn't it will say something like 'sorry we cannot retrieve details of this car'.

I did a survey at work once between many people to average out how much people were spending in petrol, repairs, MOT, etc... The average came out that running a car costs you £314 a month. a MONTH! insane.

once in a while, i like to drive to a big supermarket though, and do a big shop because over a month it saves even more money rather than walking to my local Tescos express everytime. and for that, i belong to a hire car club, perfect ... except my nearest car is half a mile away.

car sharing is the way forward. i'd like to have a scheme where there's a car right outside my house, and i share it with my neighbours.

I got rid of my car 6 years ago. I have not missed the car at all. In fact I enjoy not having a car. It gives me more freedom as I can go somewhere and not have to find a parking place, I can arrive at one point go for a walk and depart from somewhere else, -no car to return back to. I can read a book whilst traveling or do a crossword, or just look out of the window. I have no stressful journeys, I have driven all my life- now the bus or train driver is my chauffeur! and I know the times and routes of buses and trains.
I did also get a bicycle, which I use when its not raining or too cold. I am much fitter now and have a slim waistline which many drivers do not seem to have. I keep telling people "get rid of your car, you do not need it in London".- however my neighbors on each side both have 3 cars, and the street and driveways are cluttered with vehicles which are used normally just to convey one person on a short journey. Front gardens have been concreted over to make more room for lazy people to put their car and just step from their front door straight into their car seat. I see obese people squeeze out of their cars and they are hardly able to walk around the supermarket, their legs just used to pushing the accelerator/clutch/brake, but losing their ability to walk far.
Some say "Oh we need it for shopping, I say "the supermarkets deliver for a small fee". I just carry the bags of shopping home on my bike.
Occasional I may be asked to drive if I am out in a car with friends in their car, I try not too but when I do I am reminded again that diving in London during the day is no longer a pleasure.
I also enjoy the financial benefits of not running a car.

I kind of know what you mean.
Since I retired in 2002, I've sold my large 4x4 SUV, and bought a classic car. I only use the car in the spring/summer.
Living in the Netherlands, public transport is both cheap and good, I of course own a bicycle. Population of the Netherlands, 16,500,000 people, and 18,500,000 bicycles.

Perhaps a car club for when you really need one DG?

Hmmm... ten years ago would probably a good time to have got rid of a car, given the changes that have occurred since then in terms of increased running costs, road tax and increased parking charges (including some having to pay to park outside their own house!)
For me it's a motorbike which is indispensible. I've ridden one since I was 19, ever since I worked out a few basic facts about travel costs: I could carry on buying an annual season ticket for my daily commute, at pounds XXX, which at the end of a year would be a worthless piece of cardboard; or I could get a motorbike for similar money, and at the end of a year I'd still have a motorbike :)
Plus... it would be able to take me places that I'd never be able to go with an A-to-B season ticket, and gone would be the days of late arrivals and cancellations.
It was probably the most liberating thing I ever did.
The one thing I still remember most about public transport, was that you rarely ever saw anyone with a smile. 35 years on and there are still times I can smile like a teenager

I would love to give up my car, but I would have to give up my job (gladly...especially happy to ditch the daily 100 mile RT "death commute" - I live in the US), eating, and socializing. Living rural has some benefits, but access isn't one of them.

Blue Witch

Directgov can tell you, given registration number and make

Apropos of nothing, the London Reconnections link in your sidebar needs updating.

dg writes: consider it updated, ta.

I like being able to drive; I also like not having a car.
(though I miss my bike. Bloody thieving scum.)

I bought my car twenty (yes, twenty) years ago and don't intend to ever buy a new one. I don't need my car to go to work (my workplace is across the road from where I live - a 4 minute walk) and in my holidays I travel by plane or by train.

When my car 'dies' I won't have to pay insurance or maintenance and I'll rent the parking place I own in the condo where I live, so I'll be making some money rather than spend it.

I'm not looking forward to it, because I do like driving, but driving in my town is getting more and more expensive and troublesome, so I won't really be sorry, you know.


Geez, why the heck are so many people getting so apologetic and obseqious about the simple act of owning a car?
I'm getting real sick of green party / leftist loonies doing their best to make plain, ordinary people feel guilty about having their own private transport. Running a car is not a crime.
I have a car, it's mine and paid for, and I'm ******* keeping it.

Timbo: thanks, that wasn't where I'd seen it before, but it works if you put in, and then use the 'vehicle enquiry' (4th button down on LHS).

Sorry to report that DG's old car no longer exists.

I wish I didn't have a memory full of registration numbers. I wish it contained more useful things...

Good news, DG's old blue car does exist, and its tax disc runs out in February :)

Apparently a scrambled memory then. I thought they'd got the colours muddled... Clearly my pre-senile dementia is worse than even I thought. Oh heck.

*wonders how long it would take DG readers to spot it if you released its number*

Brrrrrmmmmmmmm. Zooooooooom. Squeeeeeeeeeel. Eeeek. *Smell of rubber*

@RogerW - Whey-hey. I was waiting for a 'you commy enviro-fascists' post. Don't you know global warming is all a giant conspiracy spread by Friends of the Earth... and Al Gore.

Happy to have been of service, Chris :)

(Plus I meant to say obsequious, not obseqious)

You'll have to just try a bike once.
I agree that driving is insane... but walking is medieval compared to biking.

Just imagine being able to see 5 times as much on your out of town rambles....

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