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I was reminded of times way back in the 60s and 70s when flyposting large posters promotions for gigs/concerts/events was rife in London.

Rather than remove the posters Camden Council (in the area where I worked) went round and overlaid stickers in the form of a flash that said "Cancelled"

Seemed a good plan to foil the flyposters.
I'm shocked no-one was protecting this statue from being defaced... [rolls eyes]
In pre COVID days I used to peel these off again, from bus stops, tube posters etc. ...but no more. Nor do I pick up egregious bits of someone else’s rubbish. For me, COVID will be truly over when I feel able to do these things again!
Leaving behind stickers is preferable to spray paint daubs, broken windows and looted businesses.
I see these all the time in Huddersfield. No wonder Yorkshire has the worst Coronavirus cases in England. I have half a mind to write to my MP and ask why nothing is being done about it.
I don't think rules are updated that often - when I left in 2011, my school's rules still mentioned (and prohibited!) cassette players, MiniDisc players, PDAs and other bits of obsolete technology!
And stencils, pre-Banksy. My fave was 'Move heaven and earth to protect the life of Chairman Gonzalo!'
Ugh, what an eyesore.
Maybe we should have community information boards as designated space for sticker free-for-alls. Then the concert promoters, revolutionary anarchists and conspiracy theorists can all fight for space!

The walk from Cody Dock to Stratford has a regrettably exceptionally large number of these stickers I’ve found.
I pulled 3 off the cashpoint at the Forest Gate Co-op for one of the minor mayoral candidates.

They fine whores for littering and defacing phoneboxes. This is an envirocrime.

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