please empty your brain below

Please don't write any answers here,
and no blatant hints please,
but do tell us how you get on.

Took me about 7 minutes to do all three.

Nope my brain hurts. Will go and do the stacked up washing up instead.

What is this? An assessment centre?

Completed the first one but there are reports that need writing.

What with Blue Witch and her milk bottles and Terry Pratchett and his DIY Alzheimer's Test yesterday, and your separation puzzles today - is someone trying to tell me something??
Found the third one easier than the second - logic dictated all the answers in the end.

My brain hurts. Now I've got work to do. I'll try again later.

I agree with allotmentqueen - the third was the easiest to work out. Overall, I did them all in a couple of minutes.

Hmmm- where did I put my Logic today?

Finally a puzzle that works the way my brain works.

Hoorah for a number-nerd puzzle - dg catering for those of us stumped by the word-nerd ones.

No one separates an Englishman's two digits, thank you very much.

Ask Henry V.

Horizontal sudoku! About 10 minutes to do all three. You made the third puzzle too easy by giving us three pairs out of the box

Ok got it done the first one now off to do the rest

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