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Red dagger issues are annoying but at least TfL have made available an updated printed tube map; its reported we won't see printed bus map/s again due to a crazy policy to save a bob or two following Mayor Khan's misguided fares freeze. Tube maps are widely available throughout the network whereas bus maps always had to be asked for at 'Visitor Centres' and were usually 'out the back somewhere' or from the occasionally manned bus station 'helpdesk' windows. No wonder the take up was relatively small.
Annoyingly the online bus maps are not kept up to date either.
I'm particularly saddened there have been no new London bus maps since March 2016, either printed or digital...

...especially given how many routes have changed since then, or are about to change.
Believe it or not...i actually like the art-work!
A new tube map was released yesterday... so I grabbed one on day one.

I'll bet you didn't grab just one ;)
I find the bus map far easier to use than any apps that I've tried so far. It gives a wider view of all alternatives, as does the tube map. If the tube map is seen by TFL as important enough to print and make easily available then why not the bus map? I'm very sad and annoyed to learn of its demise. Another engineered corporate accounted service removal. The keyword is 'service'.
Why is it just 'anonymous grumpy men', most of the art stuff nowadays is a bit 'whatever'.

As for TfL, their policy of having 'stuff behind glass' a bit puzzling, especially as the tube and buses do different things, so you'd have the situation at, for example, Victoria, where the tube map was openly available, but the bus information was on the staff side, so you had to queue up for it.Go outside London and most places have the bus information on the 'public' side, with staff available for clarification.

As for online, there is no excuse for not having the maps up to date at all times - even now the night bus map still shows the N2 going to Trafalgar Square. Or you get half finished changes, where the written information is correct - but the map isn't.
I hope that DG was just being deliberately provocative with "exit only on Sunday afternoons".

That's a classic example of RailSpeak ambiguity as its worst: does it mean "Exit from station is possible only on Sunday afternoons", or does it mean "No Entry to station on Sunday afternoons"?

It's almost as bad as "Route: ANY Permitted" !
Now that there's a new tube map perhaps Tfl could employ someone to walk through all the S7 trains and update the line diagrams.

Only this week I was on a District showing no interchange with the Bakerloo at Paddington. My memory is that ceased being the case last August.

At least the offending vehicle did have the zone 2/3 boundary area correct.
"Evolution of information panels on Tube maps" sounds like it would make an excellent topic for next year's Boring conference. Go on: you know you want to :)
Oh dear. Is that really the best they could do with the cover art? Such a rich heritage of corporate art and design to draw upon. Looks like a photo of a brainstorm whiteboard. The gorilla certainly gets attention.
Granted TfL is short of money, and granted the fares freeze was (arguably) unwise. But I think it's time we stopped making such an intimate connection between these two things. I believe TfL would be short of money today /even if/ no fares freeze had been proclaimed.
@ Malcolm - I am very sorry but I disagree. If TfL were planning to at least keep raising fares by inflation or slightly ahead it would not be in anything like the trouble it is. The fares freeze cuts both ways - it lowers TfL revenue base each year, it does not appear to be having any generative effect and it deprives TfL of the ability to deal with inflation affecting the cost of everything it does. The loss of government grant does not help but TfL had a plan to cope with that. That plan has been ripped up. Whoever wins the Mayoralty in 2020 will be faced with some horrendous decisions on fares and service levels to try to restore TfL's budget to some sort of normality. TfL is also taking on a lot of extra borrowing and depleting its reserves under this Mayoral term. That's a further element of the ticking time bomb that the next Mayor will have to deal with.

Oh and just wait for the damaging Tube strikes when the unions are told they aren't getting the pay increase that they want because there's no money.

Efficiencies can only go so far and you can only sell the family silver once.
Whatever the dagger at Goodge Street refers to, it hasn't started yet as I can find no information anywhere in the web.

I have a strong suspicion it may be "reduced lift service", as it's been a long time since they were serviced. Doesn't deserve a blue dagger because it has no effect on the station's (complete lack of) step-free access.
With the opening of step-free access at Victoria (Victoria line only) on Friday the map is already out of date.

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