please empty your brain below

That doesn't look very tasty.

I clicked on the pic so I could drool a little closely at the samosa Tower Bridge, but instead I got a picture of Anne Hathaway's cottage!

dg writes: oops, now fixed.

It's no surprise that a idea to make a map of a city out of food comes from Melbourne. Things I have made in Melbourne;

- Labrador in a basket (butter)
- Crocodile (bread)
- Basket of fruit with ribbons (boiled sugar)
- Little Mermaid and friends on a reef (margarine)
- Ice Cream made from mashed potato so it didn't melt (not even the judges of the competition could work out how we did it)

I am a bore about Melbourne, but it is the greatest city in the world.

like you actually ate *any* of it...

still, maybe there wasn't much in the way of inventive creme eggery(?)

The grid square I went to devour was assembled by a group from my local community centre in Bromley by Bow.

Despite being at the heart of a very mixed, mostly Bangladeshi community, the group served up food more suited to an English church hall tea - cakes, biscuits, sandwiches, sausage rolls, pork pies and a few sticks of celery. I loved it.

The look of it makes me feel queasy. More Gillian McKeith than London.

I like Melbourne, but "best city in the world", I think not. Over London: it has better food and weather, but not much else to my mind. My vote for centre of the universe remains with Londres...
Maybe Uncle Hunty met the (wo)man for him there: that would make one favourably disposed toward a place!

Actually: scrub that reference to weather: in the space of a few days we had to put up with temperatures of 11 and 41 degrees Celsius. In spite of low humidity (yay!) too extreme for this Kiwi!

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