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Wasn't ol' Will a bit fruity and liked the ladies in general? Wasn't Anne Hathaway older than him?

And you never hear of anyone in the public eye saying bla bla has written this, produced that, and s/he is the great (times 24) grandchild of William Shakespeare.

I think my fave shakespear-y trivia is that his father was a glove maker, which doubled up in those days as condom maker, for obvious reasons. Yes, they used to make them out of kid leather, wash (?) and re-use them.

A bit ironic that the son of a glovemaker would wind up in a bind, having lacked 'protection'.

I think wife & child might have been more of a burden to poor Will... seeing as he usually lived in town and just sent home checks as an itinerant actor/scribbler.

Who'd a guessed this footloose thespian would turn out to be History's pre-eminent Genius of Literature?

I'll bet his father-in-law probably looked at him with the proper amount of scorn due all actors & artistes! But that's just a guess...

Thanks!!! to DG for another great tour... since I'll never get there in person.

Anne was eight years older than William, who was a mere teenager when they married.

And Anne was three months pregnant when she walked up the aisle, so maybe Will's Dad never offered him any free samples.

Well that's just typical you've been up in my neck o'the woods and I couldn't read your blog at work to find out because the Blogger BAR causes my work firewall to think dg is a website full of smut.

Glad it was a nice and sunny weekend for you. I spent it PAINTING THE KITCHEN (yawn).

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